Monday, January 19, 2009

Icy Creek

The creek always looks so interesting after a couple of days with freezing temperatures.

Still trying the large photo thing. Everyone bundle up for some winter weather tonight..

..southern Virginia is supposed to get enough snow to measure.....okay, maybe it is just

an inch or two, but that is enough for us!


  1. What a pretty photo. This proves that every season has its beauty and there for us to appreciate.

    Stay warm!

  2. Thanks Grace and Tina, waiting to see what kind of winter storm rolls in tonight and tomorrow. Maybe lots of snow, maybe rain.

  3. What is the body of water that connects to your property? Bay or River Water?
    I'll be interested in your weather since my daughter is down there now.
    Hope you don't get snowed in!!! (doubtful:)

  4. Hello Your Majesty,
    What a lovely picture - I bet it looks fantastic in summer. Love the patio pot too.


  5. Good morning Jan- the creek is Chisman Creek, which feeds into the end the Poquoson River as it feeds into the Chesapeake Bay. Greetings to your daughter. At 6 am we have no precipitation...calling for no more than a trace here :(
    Michael, Welcome! Wow, all the way from England. Come back often....I will share some lovely summer scenes.

  6. Hi Janet, I love your big photos, and the icy creek does have a magic look to it. We also got about an inch of snow, a big deal here in TN, all the schools are closed. We are such wusses. :-)

  7. You should come out here to KS where the weather is lovely. Tomorrow should be in the mid-50s, then it may hit 60 Thursday. :)
    Cool pic of the Creek!

  8. You would just love it here in Ohio, with the 6in of snow. Verry cold, a high of 18degrees today. A couple of days ago, it was down to -10 without windchill.

  9. Well, I see you didn't get any snow:) My daughter has been riding her bike around campus so I know it's not slippery:) When my husband & I lived down that way we were very young, from 1978-1981! It was our first assignment and we'd just gotten married. We started out at a small apartment in N.News, then moved on base at Ft. Monroe. Had a huge picture window facing the Chesapeake Bay. People called it the 'ghetto with a million dollar view'. (But it was kind of fun back then). After we left Germany in Dec '89, we were in Norfolk for 6 months and then ended up here;)
    I talked w/my Mom in Raleigh today and she had 4" of snow & it was still snowing. I guess it passed us by. Take care:)

  10. Frances,
    We didn't get anything!! Big build up for nothing!
    KZK- you know what I have to say about your 'winter' lasts a lot shorter than yours.. ;)
    thanks, but I will pass on the true winter weather. Snow is fun for one day.
    We need to trade emails...We were at Fort Monroe and married there in 1980! See you in blotanical.

  11. I saw an icy creek yesterday too. :) So much for that snow headed our way. Just like VA to panic over nothing, lol.

  12. How delightful to have a creek bordering your home! I look forward to seeing more pictures of it through the seasons.

  13. I am a descendant of the Chisman family that settled the Chisman Creek area in the 1600s. Thanks so much for posting the photo of the creek !
    Regards, Kathleen Geary Tirpak
    of Nashville TN


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