Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Foggy Morning

Foggy mornings are a bit magical and mysterious. I enjoy watching the changes in color as the sun comes up, slowly revealing the landscape as if it were wrapped in gossamer. On these misty mornings the Mother Goose poem pops into my the girls used to enjoy when they were little.
One misty, moisty morning when cloudy was the weather,
I chanced to meet an old man, clothed all in leather.
He began to compliment and I began to grin.
"How do you do?" and "How do you do?"
And "How do you do?" again.
Funny the things that are stored in the old brain!


  1. Such a beautiful and serene scene.


  2. I totally agree that foggy mornings are so magical and mysterious. I love them!

  3. I always think of the line "the fog crept in on little cat feet" by Carl Sandberg.

  4. Beautiful photo of that pink mist. We had fog this morning too, but it didn't look like that. :)

  5. Cameron, thanks for the visit. It was serene... almost an eerie quiet. Hi Tina, thanks for coming by. Rachel, :) Karen, good thought. Racquel, the fog changed in appearance as the sun rose. Truly a wild weather day. We had a dead tree blow over in the wind/rain storm that blew through around 10:30 AM.

  6. We certainly had a taste of a lot of different weather today. When I got up to let the dogs out at 5, you could barely see your hand. 30 minutes later it was clear. Sun on the way to work, rain when I got there, strong winds and crazy clouds at sunset.


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