Monday, September 12, 2011

Garden Assessment After Our Trip

Hard to believe we were gone for so long....until you look at the garden.  This drought is being called moderate for our area.... according to our newspaper, we are over 10 inches behind in rainfall. 

My two little dogwoods are showing signs of drought.  Poor trees.  Have set up the sprinkler to get this area hydrated.   The mature trees really suck up the moisture. 

Walking down the path towards the lake I see the Blackberry Lily, Belamcanda chinensis, in full glory.

Just beyond is some Gaillardia, busy with bees.

A nice surprise--- one of the Cyclamen has popped up! I have more to keep on the lookout this little bloom.

Around the other side of the bed is my Pumpkin-on-a-stick, Solanum integrifolium .  Tina posted about this plant a little while back.  I got mine from a neighbor who had been over at Park Seed

Cute eh? Can't wait for it to turn orange. 

A new find in the edges of the yard....a Blue Lobelia, great native.  What fun!

Down near the water I was trying to get a photo from one side of the yard to the other....when I saw I had a little friend .....look who is looking for some nectar in the cannas.

Do you see it?  A little hummingbird.

We have so many hummingbirds in the yard, love watching them. 
And now for the long shot of the yard.....

Cannas, Muhly Grass, Penisetum 'Princess Molly', Gaura, Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Vintage Gold' and Elephant ears.  The garden is filling in pretty well.  Apparently the hummers like it too. 

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  1. Oooh, that photo of the Gaillardia is really nice! Love all the golds and yellows in there!!!

  2. Love that little charming! I just planted a purplish Lobelia a few weeks that blue one of yours!

  3. It is coming along nicely, Janet, despite the drought. Hummers darting around, what a fun time! Your muhly is looking good!


  4. I agree with Frances, it looks pretty good to me. Love that Hummer, almost got a pic myself the other day but didn't get to the window fast enough. Welcome back! :)

  5. You are making progress! I was shocked at the pumpkin on a stick but so glad you got one. Mine have all almost turned orange-about a dozen in total. They are ever so neat you'll enjoy them. I think everything in the garden is looking bad right now and I sometimes forget it is normal and try to water too much. It's always sad for me because stuff never does perk up:( Don't you just wish we could keep spring forever?

  6. All are looking great. It's filling in just fine.

  7. While we were away recently, our weather here in the PNW took a turn from cool to very hot and dry, I came back to crispy plants! Yours are looking pretty good, love that blue Lobelia. Hummers are the best!

  8. Blue Lobelia grows wild here too, it's lovely isn't it?

  9. Janet, do you get some rain from Lee? We got 5 inches. our Cyclamen bloomed in July what the.... Enjoyed the post hope you get lots of slow steady rain.

  10. Goodness, I know we have had it dry here compared to a normal year, but I doubt we are 10inches down on normal. No wonder the hose is needed to nurture some of your new planting. Glad to see things seem to be thriving despite it, looks as if you should get a good show from your muhly this Autumn. Love the sudden appearance of Cyclamen, there is something magical about that.

  11. I wish I could send you some rain Janet. I think we are that much over for the month. It is usually dry here at this time of the year. Hopefully this late in the year your trees may just go dormant faster with no harm done.
    I think that Pumpkin on a Stick is so cute. And it really turns orange? How great is that.Never heard of that one.
    Your gardens are filling in nice. One of these days you are going to wonder where all that room went. LOL!

  12. It's either feast or famine with the rain this summer...your plants look good regardless! Love the Hummer.

  13. Looks good, especially in drought conditions! Those hummers are the cutest--glad you caught one and zoomed in on it for us!

  14. With all the damage you can understandably be dejected about, I think that darling little cyclamen should be some inspiration for the potential of a beautiful garden.Hang in there.

  15. Your landscape looks great in spite of the rainfall shortage. As evidenced by the hummingbird visits. It will fill out soon enough.

  16. Hi Janet, It is dry here too. Rain is forecast for this afternoon (fingers crossed). You have so many interesting and unusual plants. I have never seen a Pumkin-on-a-stick before and I love the shiny black berries on the Blackberry Lily, Belamcanda chinensis.

  17. Your garden really is filling in well, Janet; that's a good sign that the hummers are visiting, too. I didn't realize it was so dry in your area, too. We're in the midst of what is being called a "moderate drought," so it's been a struggle to keep everything watered, too. At least it's turning cooler, so the poor garden can get a little break from the intense heat.

  18. pumpkin on a stick, that's great! what a wonderful plant for this time of year. Nice to see all the plants situated in your garden and filling in already. You must be very pleased.

  19. KZK, I love Gaillardia. Super colors.

    Scott, it is charming, I sure hope the other ones come up as well.

    Frances, thanks so much. You are the reason for the desire for the Muhly grass.

    Racquel, thanks! Those hummers are soooo fast!

    Tina, I am making progress, a few steps forward and one step back. I am going to harvest the pumpkins for seeds for next year. I do love spring...such hope.

    Lola, thanks.

    Alison, I always feel bad when I find crispy plants. The Blue Lobelia is a find in the woods!!

    Sweetbay, it is lovely!

    Randy, We didn't even get an inch of rain from Lee. Hoping this system that is coming through this weekend to offer some rain.

    Janet, Our 10+ inches is about 30% less than normal. Sad to see the stock ponds in the farmers' fields.

    Lona, I wish you could send me some rain too. Yes, the pumpkin really turns orange. I think having the gardens full is a long way down the road.

    Darla, it is feast or famine isn't it?

    Aerie-el, The drought in surrounding area fields is really sad. Glad I got the hummer too!

    Patrick, nice of you to visit me. The cyclamen is such an interesting little bloom...hope it survives.

    Landscaping-Katy, thanks so much. I know we are an ocean of rainfall compared to you in Texas.

    Jennifer,I hope you got the rain that was forecast. I like the Blackberry lilies this time of year...and the flowers in the summer are fun too.

    Rose, The hummers are going crazy this time of year. Hooray for the cooler weather on its way.

    Marguerite, the pumpkin on stick is fun. I am pleased with most of the plants...though some are failing. Hope they make it.


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