Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fairy the garden.

Well, one fairy tale in the garden.  I planted a new variety of Portulaca this summer.   Portulaca 'Cinderella' Fairy Tale Series.  I like Portulaca as a general rule and thought about putting it in the garden -------somewhere.  When I saw this one, I HAD to have it.  What a beauty.  These photos have been taken all through the summer.  This bloom with its hot pink pom-pom center, surrounded by bright yellow outer petals was too incredible to pass by.   Portulaca are drought tolerant and great for spaces where conditions are less than perfect. 

 Each bloom is open all day long.  At night they all close up.  I am not sure if the bloom lasts only one day or is just open during the day.  It doesn't matter to me.  I am just glad I bought two small pots early this summer....and it is still going strong. 

 Hot pink and bright just shouts HELLO!

I planted the two small plants in the front garden along the sidewalk.  It filled in the open spaces.  The only other plants in that garden spot at some variegated Acorus....echoing that yellow.  Next year?  Hope I can find some more of this baby....

There are two other Portulaca Fairy Tale Series-- 'Snow White' which is .....white. (duh!) It has the same pom-pom center and outer petals...they are all white.  'Sleeping Beauty' is yellow...all yellow.  Again, same shape bloom, all yellow.  I think I hit a homerun with 'Cinderella'.  Do you have some homerun plants from this summer?

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  1. I've never grown Portulaca. My little one would love the names of those Princess flowers. 'Cinderella' is beautiful!
    My homerun plant this summer has been Agastache 'Apricot Sunrise'. I can't say anything bad about this plant.

  2. Not a subtle plant, for all its diminutive stature! I've never seen such an extraordinary colour combination on a single plant, I wouldn't have been able to resist either. I think this year's home run has to be the annual rudbekia 'Rustic Dwarf'. Long flowering period, glorious colour, very well behaved. Definitely one that will be invited back!

  3. Somehow I walk right past these plants, Janet, but no more! I love this one with the Acorus and will copy that look next year. Who can resist fairy tales?

  4. Janet,
    Very cool Portulaca never seen it before. Looks almost unrreal like a plastic flower. Sorry Lee left way too little rain. WE got some rain last night, my seeds planted the other day should like it.

  5. I've never seen anything like it. Really cool!

  6. Man, I want to try that one! It is such a vibrant addition and probably worth seeking after this winter in the seed catalog perusing. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. This year was the first year I got to pick what was planted in front of the store. We have tried things with various degrees of success. I picked a crazy assortment of portulacas and lantana. They have performed so well that the combo will likely be used again next year. I am also going to tell our annual buyer to be on the lookout for the Fairy Tale series.

  8. One of my goals for next year is to create some half decent containers( this year's containers are an embarrassment) and to add a some drifts of annuals( for more fall color). I have always liked portulaca and have the perfect hot dry spot for them. I will have to watch for these Fairy Tale Series. They are an interesting twist on an old garden standard.

  9. Janet how pretty your Portulaca is.I love the two bright colors together. I never saw a two toned bloom on one before.Will it be hardy in your area?

  10. Wow, this is stunning! I have some portulaca in a couple of containers, but the blooms are nothing like yours. My "home run" plant this summer has to be a new Agastache 'Heat Wave'--it's bloomed nonstop since July and is a real butterfly, bee, and hummer magnet.

  11. What eye candy!! I also grew portulaca this summer and it's cool the way they close up and go to sleep at night. Two of my non-stop bloomers this summer have been kalimeris and heliopsis.

  12. omg, I would *HAVE* to have it too!!! In fact, I hope I see it to buy next year. Wow! So beautiful. My portulaca from last year seeded about and came up in a lot of the cracks of my flagstone patio this year. Maybe this one will do that for you and you can just move the seedlings about?? Hope so! I can't imagine having too much of it.

  13. Love the color and the shape! easy to see why you want to repeat the success next year.

  14. I always giggle a little when I see plants in southern gardens that my mother kept as houseplants. Portulaca was something my mother eagerly tended to in hopes of beautiful blooms, she would like this plant.

  15. i am fond of portulacas but have never seen this one. bright colors like that seem to talk back to the heat in a way that paler blooms don't -- they're just sassy all summer!

  16. I've never seen a Portulaca like that, very nice!

  17. Catherine, For dry conditions Portulaca is a great plant. Yes, I think your girls would love the Fairy Tale Series.

    Janet, It is a bold bright color! I will have to check out Rudbeckia 'Rustic Dwarf'.

    Frances, How can you walk by portulaca???? hahahaah By all means, copy!!

    Randy, I hope to find Cinderella again next year. Rain would be soooo appreciated right now!

    Tina, thanks.

    Rosey, it is a vibrant color, and really pops in the garden.

    Les, I think it would be a big hit at your place. I remember you saying something about the portulaca and lantana.

    Jennifer, Portulaca do great in containers...and Cinderella would be a hit.

    Lona, thanks, I liked it a lot this summer. No it is not hardy, I am hoping it might have reseeded a little though.

    Rose, I have had no luck with Agastache....may have to amend the garden a bit more. I tried three last came back- barely.

    Tammy, It is eye candy to be sure!

    Kathleen, if you know a nursery center buyer, ask for them to order it. I am hoping it will reseed!!!

    Cameron, the bright colors are just so fun.

    Marguerite, I have seen our houseplants in further south I know what you mean. Portulaca was my standard when we lived in Texas and on and off again in Virginia.

    Daricia, sassy is a good word for them.

    Sweetbay, maybe it will have more exposure next summer.

  18. Hi, so did your purslane reseed itself and regrow the next year? And if so, did it come back true-to-form?

    1. Hi Gomper, no this purslane did not reseed, sadly. Wish it did!


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