Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Iced Tea Anyone?

We are finally digging out of our frozen wonderland. Yesterday I took advantage of the ice forms on the plants in my area.

Here is our Tea Olive, Osmanthus fragrans, covered in ice. 

It seemed as if we were 'Frozen in Time'. 

I took advantage of the snow cover and ice to venture across the street into our 1/2 acre...this is our septic drainage field.  It is full of wildflowers and grasses.  I believe this is Goldenrod, Solidago. 

Here is some kind of Aster, since I wasn't
 in this meadow area during the growing
 season, I have no idea what kind or color.

At the back edge of the lot are woods.  Hanging in the tree was a Praying Mantis egg sack.  What fun to find this!

 I found a White Oak ---thinks this needs to come out.  Like I said, it is the drainage field for our septic, trees are a no-no.
 More frozen blooms. 

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe.  How much longer is it until spring????.............

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Janet,

    Guess this does not happen too often. That is you getting a lot more snow than us! That birdbath really tells a story doesn't it.

  2. Yes, how much longer??
    Love your "frozen in time" pic.

  3. i like your title! we have iced tea right now, too. we put in big tea olive this fall. im looking forward to the sweet blooms.

  4. Beautiful photos of the ice. I especially like the aster and leaf one. Nice contrast!

  5. Fortunately we missed this weather event, just a little cold, crunchy rain. I am not complaining.

    I am glad that you were able to get some nice shots, sort of the silver lining to winter.

  6. Nice pics. Love ice tea but it's cold so would rather have hot tea.
    It's good you have a large place for wildflowers.

  7. Really liked the Praying Mantis egg sack encased in ice-that's special.

  8. I love the ice coating on the plants. You're going to have find finding out what flowers are growing in that field. Can't wait to see those flowers in bloom.

  9. I love all your icy pictures, especially the opening shot with the drip of ice water and the shot of the asters. I also looked at your post on Redbud trees. Gosh, I wish I had a spot for one. What glorious pink flowers and I love the shape and color of the leaves. Hmmm...I wonder if I could squeeze one into the front garden. I will have to look up how big they get. Keep warm!
    P.S. I like the antique looking header!

  10. Icily beautiful. Fantastic to spot the preying mantis egg sack, just like something from "Aliens". I love that your septic tank drainage field is full of delights you have yet to discover. Roll on Spring... Though I need more time on the allotment to get it ready... I'm conflicted!

  11. You got a lot more snow than we did. We got a mix of snow, sleet and ice, just enough to create some really slippery surfaces. You've reminded me that Osmanthus fragrans has been on my want list for a while.

  12. I like your line "Frozen In Time" That pretty much sums up what my eyes saw with this winter blast.

    The first white bud tree I ever saw was in Historic Fredericksburg, VA. I was captivated by their beauty in spring. Always fun to see something for the first time.

    Yep, trees and septic do not mix. My grandmother lost a beloved Cherry Tree to a septic issue. Lesson learned there for sure…

  13. Hey, I think that's the same sundial-covered-in-snow photo in my backyard (and also in my recent nature journal post). Haha! I love mantid egg cases, we found four the other day on our walk.

  14. At least your cold weather gives you something pretty to look at! We're just plain old cold here, nothing attractive about it. I'll bet that olive is going to smell pretty come spring.

  15. Good for you venturing out into the winter landscape Janet. I usually try to avoid it!
    I hope you thaw out soon ~ I don't think this is normal there, right?

  16. It looks beautiful, too bad that it can harm the plant

  17. The snow so far this winter (in our part of the Southeast) has been amazing (in frequency and amount)!

    I'm thinking about seeds and planting, personally, while carefully navigating icy sidewalks and road on my morning walks...


  18. I do believe you are having a more snowy winter than we are!
    I keep thinking spring will be here soon but I know it's just a cruel trick. It was 5o in Boulder today!

  19. The ice always creates such pretty scenes, but I do hope you are thawing out by now, Janet. What fun you will have this spring finding out all that is growing here! I'd prefer the iced tea sitting on your deck then as well:)

  20. Randy- I hope this doesn't happen too often, ice is nasty.
    K & V- thanks! We have had rain for the last two days--most of the snow is gone.

    Daricia- thanks! I am looking forward to warmer weather.

    Tina- thanks, I like the aster too, will have to check out what is in there during the growing season.

    Les- I am outside many times with the dogs, so having the camera is a bonus.

    Lola- thanks, I don't mind the iced TEA, just leave the ice in the drink. ;-)

    Gene- I thought it was special too!

    Catherine- I know I am going to have to go over to the drain field and see what is is the chigger thing that is slowing me down.

    Jennifer- thanks,glad you like the redbud posting. I love the redbuds too.

    Janet- this was the first time I ventured over there as I am not keen on the creepy crawly things. Your allotment is a dream to have.

    Sweetbay- I can't believe we got more snow than you! You NEED to get an Osmanthus fragrans or two!!

    Skeeter- We really got hit with this stuff didn't we? I will be getting that tree out of the drainfield soon.

    Eliza- did you get your sundial at Park Seed? I did. :-) I will have to look again at your post.

    W2W- the snow is better than the rain we have had the last two things are soggy and muddy. The olive is divine!!

    Kathleen- You know I am out all the time! I don't think the this is normal. Too cold!

    Fer- Don't think any of the plants were harmed, crossing my fingers on that.

    Lisa- I am having to be careful still-- tiny little patches of ice in the early morning.

    Rosey- I know! If I wanted snow I would have moved to Colorado!

    Rose- Yes, we are thawing -finally! I also prefer sitting on the deck sipping iced tea!


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