Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bulb Bonanza

When we first came down to Greenwood, I saw this Daffodil sculpture along the by-pass and wondered about it.  Today I finally visited the metal Daffodil.  Living in this area there are so many plant nurseries and wholesalers to keep even the most active gardener busy.    

Monday when we took the dog to vet, we drove by the Daffodil place and there was a sign out front---PLANT and BULB Sale Saturday.  Hot Dog!!!!  Turns out this is Marlboro Bulbs , owned by Jack  and  Patricia deVroomen. They are primarily a wholesale bulb store, but they are having their end of season sale ....  available to those of us who live in the area.  I went over there this morning with one of my neighbors.  There were a lot of nice choices available.  We both found things to buy.

Both Patricia and Jack were very helpful, answering any question I had.  They took my email address and will let me know about any future sales.   I got a couple catalogs in addition to a few purchases.

 I came home with a bag full of bulbs.   I am waiting for spring to plant the Anemones, but everything else is in the ground---making me more excited for spring to burst forward.  Now, my chair beckons, as we wait for this next round of snowstorms to come through.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Hi Janet,
    It looks like you got quite the stash.
    And they are conveniently located!

    I like their daffodil statue.

  2. Janet,

    Whoa I hope you got some great deals. We paid 50% on my late order from Brent and Becky's, still have some to plant.

  3. What fun! Hope they all come up - and I'm sure you will be back, many a time...

  4. Janet your new home is in a great location! All these nurseries and the orchid place nearby ~ sounds heavenly to me.
    Looks like you came home with some nice bulbs. It won't be long now until we see them blooming (especially in your climate).

  5. Bonanza for sure! What fun to be out planting. Love the sculpture. I actually have something similar here in my garden. Not yet posted on-that's a miracle! Stay safe.

  6. ohhh how lucky to have a local bulb grower and a sale!! I would have to have a limit though forced on me!!

  7. I am glad you live in an area with such resources. I have yet to plant any bulbs, but I will this week since they are now half price.

  8. How exciting to find this place! Our garden centers don't have anything left this time of year, although I did pick up a few sale bulbs a few weeks ago for indoor forcing. The ground here is too frozen to plant anything and will be for a few more months. Looks like you are really getting hit with some snow!

  9. who can resist bulbs? they are so reliable and the flowers are so pretty...deer rarely bother them. they're just great. i am pretty impressed with that daffodil sculpture, too! nice that you have so many good gardening spots where you are.

  10. Rosey- I did get a stash, and lucky for me--all planted (except for the Anemones)

    Randy- Glad I planted when I did, would have to wait a week or so if I had waited.

    Janet- I hope they all come up too. Yes I will be back.

    Kathleen- I am amazed at the number of plant places in my area. Haven't killed the orchids yet, hooray!

    tina- it was great to be outside in the soil two days ago...and now, snow!

    Donna- thanks for coming by. I will be back to buy more, never fear!

    Les- me too! I wasn't really planning on bulbs, but the opportunity presented itself.

    Rose- Some of our garden centers have stuff, it is so tempting to 'just go look'!

    Daricia- They are great to have in the garden. you aren't that far....come for a visit.


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