Monday, November 15, 2010

November Garden Blogger Bloom Day and Plan B

In the sunnier part of the backyard garden I still have some things blooming.  The Gaillardia is going so strong I have a hard time believing it is the middle of November.
If it wasn't for the fall foliage putting on its spectacular show, I might think it was September.  Every month on the 15th Carol over at May Dreams Gardens hosts a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  I think fall and spring are my favorite times to see what blooms are in full swing--there is such a wide range of locations of gardeners who participate in this meme.  Stop over and say hi and check out the other postings.

Yesterday we took a boat ride and as we walked up the hill to the house, the Japanese Maple 'Garnet' really stood out against the house.  I love having the Gaillardia in the foreground.

Super sunny, bright, cheery.....just a nice plant that blooms and blooms and blooms.

In the same area of the garden is Achillea 'Saucy Sensation'.  Can you tell I have dogs that walk through the garden?  Nothing like a macro shot to show off the dog hair.

A recent addition to my garden is the Agastache 'Acapulco Dark Red'.  This was purchased on my trip up to Asheville.  A new friend in the Master Gardeners had an order come in at a nursery just outside of Asheville and wondered if I wanted to go when she picked it up?  Silly question!

Last year Les and Racquel and I went to the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  This grass is one of the plants we saw there and I really liked it.  Melinis nerviglumis 'Savannah' or Ruby Grass is what it is called.  It is hardy to zones 9- 11.  Since it is along my stone wall and next to a sidewalk, I am crossing my fingers for a micro-climate.  

And now for Plan B.  The granular Deer junk didn't slow down the deer and more of the liquid needed to be applied..........and I didn't.  All my roses are gone except for two tiny stubs of stems and I have two remaining Loropetalum.  While assessing the damage I noticed a couple root balls in the water.  One was along the shore line close enough to reach.  I replanted it-- worth a shot.  I sprayed the stinky stuff and we went to find something that would be lower on the deer's list of favorite foods.  I am waiting a while to put the new stuff in.  There are two Nandina 'Blush Pink' and four Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Vintage Gold'.  I have read a number of sites about the Vintage Gold.  Some say it will be 3 feet at maturity and some say 6 feet.  While it can handle the taller size, I am hoping for the 3 foot range.

Happy Bloom Day!

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Very pretty photography. I especially like the shots of the Gaillardia.

  2. Good luck with that Grass, it was stunning huh? It is hard to believe that it is the middle of November already. :)

  3. Those pesky deers can really ruin a garden. Well I just love your Achillea Saucy Sensation. I have never saw that one and here I thought I either had most of them or saw them all. What a pretty pink.Have a wonderful week.

  4. I just ordered a dozen new varieties of dwarf and miniature Chamaecyparis for my troughs in the spring... I'm developing a taste for them although there are so many cultivars it is overwhelming! L

  5. I love Gaillardia too, it just keeps going. What a bummer about the deer. Keeping my fingers crossed that your uprooted plant makes it.

    Hope you do have a micro-climate and that the Melinis makes it through the winter. It has a very pretty seedhead. I have to find that red Agastache too, it's such a nice dark red!

  6. I realized I missed the post about what happened and why you have a plan B. I'm now caught up and is it ever beautiful there. You must be having so much fun planning and planting. I hope the deer will leave the rest of your plants alone.
    That Agastache is really pretty, I haven't seen that one before. I added quite a few Agastaches this summer they are such great plants and I love their scent.

  7. Lovely post...those Gaillardia and Achillia are wonderful! I'm going to have to look up that's really charming!

  8. Lovely photos. I particularly like the achillea and the ruby grass. Sorry about the deer.

  9. I love the color and texture of the Ruby Grass. That's beautiful.

    Sorry about the deer problems. :( When they're hungry it seems there's no stopping them except for plants that they don't like.

  10. If you look closely enough at my GBBD pics you may see a dog hair or two as well. However, what I noticed in my recent post is the glass from a broken beer bottle one of my fellow citizens deemed too much trouble to through in a trash can. BTW, thanks for the link and happy GBBD!

  11. Oh Janet, those wretched deer! So sorry about your roses... I love your Ruby Grass, hope it thrives.

  12. How frustrating that the dear deer are treating your garden like an open buffet!But, your GBBD photos are lovely~gail

  13. How sad about your roses! We had a deer wander through our yard the other night, which is a rare occurrence, but fortunately he didn't stop for a snack.

    Love the gaillardia--this is one tough plant. I did see some blooming in a garden near here the other day which surprised me, but it must have been in a small microclimate that was protected from the frost.

  14. Lucky find on the rootballs. Hope they come back for you.

  15. Hi Janet!
    The first photo of the Gaillardia is just gorgeous. No wonder you're having a hard time remembering it's November. I wish I hadn't had my rude reminder!!!
    Love that Agastache. I haven't met one I didn't like tho. They are such great plants. The red color is spectacular too. I haven't seen that before.
    Good luck mitigating the deer. I bet they think they've found heaven with all your new tender plants!

  16. Ooh, Saucy Sensation looks so pretty. I just planted Summerwine after picking it up at an end of season sale at the nursery. I'll probably regret it when it runs rampant through my sandy flower bed soil, but it will be fun for a while!

  17. Hmm, deer are definitely pesky here in the SE. But it looks like you're having lots of fun in your garden.


  18. GWGT, thanks, one thing you can say for Gaillardia, it photographs well.

    Racquel, thanks, love this weather!

    Lona, would you believe I got the Saucy Sensation at Lowe's?

    LC, there are some really nice Chamaecyparis out there!

    Alison, those deer are driving me nuts. Will keep you posted on the micro-climate

    Catherine, yes, plan B is in place. It has been lots of fun planning and planting.

    Scott, thanks!

    Mac, thanks for visiting. I do like this Ruby Grass a lot!

    Sweetbay, hoping I have plants now that they don't like.

    Les, gotta love the macro shots eh?

    Janet, I am going to miss having the roses for sure.

    Gail, thanks!

    Rose, wish the deer didn't wander through my garden!

    Tina, will keep you posted on the rootball revival!

    Kathleen, amazing fall weather to be sure! Sorry about your snow... ugh.

    VW, yes, Saucy Sensation is great. I have lots of room for this one if it wants to run rampant.

    Lisa, pesky isn't the adjective I used, but ok.


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