Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Blogger Bloom Day March 2010, Finally A Hint of Spring

I will keep the words to a minimum today. Just wanted to share the blooms in my garden for GBBD as I missed the last few.
By my front door is the best thing next to a Daphne Odora --Edgeworthia chrysantha (which is in the daphne family).

see the spider?

Also near the front are a newly planted group of pansies.

While this is bloom day, I do have to share some color in the garden from new growth. The Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow', Tansy 'Isla Gold', Spirea 'Gold Flame', and buds of a peony.

Indoors I have a few blooms as well. New to the mix is a Madagascar Jasmine, Stephanotis Floribunda-- very fragrant, ok, and an impulse buy.

And a couple reliable bloomers-- a Peace Lily and African Violet.

Stop over to Carol's blog- May Dreams Gardens for more Bloom Day postings. I will stop by and see as many as possible tonight. Happy Bloom Day!!

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Just delicious, Janet! I am so happy to see the Edgeworthia fully bloomed too, wondering if all the flowers open together. Looks like that do, fantastic captures of them and that Steph. I love the whiskers! Your doorway must be very fragrant about now. :-)

  2. I just added edgeworthia to my garden last week. The guy I bought it from also had daphnes; which we know are picky. He said the edgeworthia is heads and tails above daphne so I was most happy. It looks fantastic. Are you digging your plants to take to SC?

  3. Edgworthia looks so interesting. I don't think I've ever seen one in person, so GBBD posts are the only time I've ever seen them. Great catch of the spider too!

  4. janet, YOu have added even more weight to my decision to get that gorgeous edgeworthia. it's so lovely and I think having it by a door or window has to be the best! Will you take it with you? when you relocate? gail

  5. aloha janet,

    i love your macro shots and that beautiful edgeworthia...striking!

  6. Ooh I bet that jasmine smells amazing!

    Love the first couple of pics. I have never seen that before.

  7. Janet, fantastic photos! The edgeworthia is a new plant to me, but one I intend to check out. It looks gorgeous. I love that you are getting color in your garden-we are not yet except for a few signs of daffodil and tulip shoots.

    That white violet is beautiful-I'm a gonner when it comes to those.Happy spring to you. :)

  8. Love your stephanotis bloom;-) Impulse buys are ok by me! My peonies haven't even begun to poke through the ground no buds since there are no branches! I couldn't believe my ajuga aren't even up yet! Usually things are so much further ahead up here. Not as far as you guys, but more than it is right now. It was such a strange and cold winter! I love your daphne odora, too. It must smell heavenly going in and out of your house;-)

  9. I did not know that Edgeworthia was related to Daphne. It sounds wonderful.

  10. I just love all of your blooms, but especially the Daphne. I am not familiar with that plant, but it looks just lovely.

  11. I just love watching things wake up in the early spring, thankyou for these photos!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! In the last few days, things have started to bloom here also. It is so nice after seeing many months of snow!

  13. I have mixed feelings about seeing the Edgeworthia making the Bloom Day rounds. On one hand I'd like to see more of it in gardens, on the other I want it to stay a rare and special garden secret.

    That close up on the Stephanotis is very special. Happy GBBD!

  14. janet, i love seeing the inside of that stephanotis blossom. i never noticed the hairs before. i'm going to think about putting in edgeworthia this year since you've enjoyed yours so much - i think the flowers blooming before the leaves is pretty, don't you?

  15. I almost made an impulse buy of an Edgeworthia at the nursery last week. She was gorgeous and big, but I came home with the pieris Dorothy that was on my list! I behaved.

    I'm sure your garden is very fragrant.

  16. Good morning Janet. Wow, what beautiful pictures of your blooms.

  17. Yeah, spring is coming to your garden. I have a peace lily in bloom in my kitchen. They're interesting blooms but get messy pollen all over the place when I forget to deadhead quickly - which always seems to happen.

  18. What a great picture of your Edgeworthia Janet. It's a hard angle to take a picture since the flowers look down. Just stunning.

  19. That Edgeworthia Chyrsantha is so beautiful. I've never seen one but it's amazing. Isn't it great o have spring really on the way? Happy GBBD?

  20. Wow! I was at Brent and Becky's today and Brent showed us a Edgeworthia chrysantha plant that he had in his yard. It smelled just wonderful. Then I check your web site, and you have one. I had never heard of it before but I'd like to get one. Do you remember where you got yours from?

  21. Good morning all!
    Frances- I was surprised to see the whiskers, funny how macros show you new things. My doorway is very fragrant!!

    Tina- I am way ahead of you on that one! When I got this Edgeworthia last year for Valentine's Day, I put it in a large container--she's ready to go!

    Dreamybee- thanks for stopping by! The Edgeworthia is great to see in person for its incredible fragrance.

    Gail- You NEEEEEEDDD to get one! They do well in containers, if it is large enough. I am taking it with me for sure!

    Noel- thanks for visiting! appreciate the comment.

    Ginger- the Jasmine is super, the white is so absolutely white and the leaves dark green. great plant.

    Beckie- I think Edgeworthia is a sure fire plant to have in the garden.

    Jan- thanks! would you believe I got it at the commissary? I bet in a week or so you will be seeing buds pop up from the peonies. The Edgeworthia fragrance is grand.

    Sweet bay- given the wonderful fragrance it makes sense.... great plant.

    JJ- I like seeing things coming up in the spring, makes me happy to see what survived the winter and the voles.

    Phillip- thanks

    Debbie- thanks! it has been nice hasn't it.

    Les- a graden secret? well....think the cat is out of the bag.

    Daricia- isn't it cool to see the little whiskers? Yes the flowers are present long before the leaves come out. The leaves are ovate and almost a blue/green in color and velvety looking.

    Cameron- I do like pieris too, glad you came home with something! Next you will need to get an Edgeworthia. I love fragrance plants.

    Lona- thanks!

    VW- yes, the pollen can get all over if you aren't careful. I don't think about deadheading either...oops.

    Gene- thanks. I am lucky because this one is in a container and is on the steps of my front I can 'get under the bloom'.

    Diana- you need to smell one!! An interesting looking plant, but it shines with its fragrance.

    Kat- Hi, I got this one last year down in Hampton at McD's Garden Center. I haven't been to the garden centers much this year---too tempting, so am not sure if they have any. Nice to see another person from my area ---are the daffy's out yet at Brent and Beckys?

  22. Hi Janet~~ Would you believe I killed my Edgeworthia? Indeed. It used to get this horrid mildew. I neglected it. Then...well the rest is history. Stupidest thing I've ever done. I might have to get another one and be more diligent.

    You gotta love that slug!

  23. The daffy's were out when I was at Brent and Becky's but I think there were more to come. I heard him say once that the best weekend to come was around April 1st. Thanks for the info!

  24. Edgeworthia is actually used to make currency paper in some Asian countries. It doesn't grow around here but seems to be able to live in NYC.

  25. Hi Grace, How in the world could you kill an Edgeworthia?? Well, I can imagine. You need a new one! You are the only person who mentioned the slug! hahaha

    Kat, Hi, I bet the daffodils are super now! I was at McD's on Wednesday and they had a couple Edgeworthias. Hope you got one!

    Hi Chris, interesting fact! I wonder if you put it in a garage or something it would do ok, as long as it had light. ??? maybe


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