Friday, July 31, 2009

Posting Numero 100!!!

Hard to believe that I have now posted 100 entries and that anyone has wanted to read any of it! In my last post I asked what you would do if you won the lottery. Well, years ago I always said if I won the lottery I would buy the mermaid table I saw in a shop down in Phoebus, Virginia.

As many of you know, I did get my mermaid table, thanks to my wonderful husband! She was a Christmas/ birthday present. This past December we sent in the last tuition payment!! In celebration he bought me this great table. Some who have seen her, love her, others kind of raise their eyebrows. I love her.

(here she is without the glass top)

Lots of you asked about her name....hmmm?? I name children. I name pets. I know there are many people who name their cars, they name their plants, they name body parts (I am not going there!!!). I pondered naming her for a long time.
When we lived in Frankfurt Germany I heard about a siren "Lorelei" who beckoned sailors along the Rhine River.

According to German legend, there was once a beautiful young maiden, named Lorelei, who threw herself headlong into the river in despair over a faithless lover. Upon her death she was transformed into a siren and could from that time on be heard singing on a rock along the Rhine River, near St. Goar. Her hypnotic music lured sailors to their death. The legend is based on an echoing rock with that name near Saint Goarshausen, Germany

"Lorelei" Encyclopedia Mythica.

The Poem 'Die Lorelei' is very pretty.

So after much consideration, if I were to name her....she would be named



  1. Congratulations Janet! I love your blog!

  2. LOL Gilmore? So why didn't you show the whole table? Love the story. You're too funny. And who is Gilmore?

  3. Very interesting table indeed. I think I'd put her in the garden though as she looks like she is made of bronze? Gilmore, hmmmm. Congrats on your hundredth post!

  4. Congratulations on your 100th post! Very artistic table. I love sculptures.


  5. When i grow up, I want to be lorelei Gilmore


  6. Congrats on your 100th post. Love it. Love the mermaid table too, as you know! I still want to pinch her nipple though. Rachel, as long as you don't want to be Rory Gilmore. She has lockjaw when she talks ; )

    Susie Q

  7. Janet,

    Wow 100 posts way to go! I sgowed Meg the mermaid table so now she wants one... :-)

  8. Janet, congratulations! Hasn't it been fun and aren't you glad you decided to join the world of garden blogging? It is a very special placed filled with wonderful, caring and great people.

    The mermaid table is very unusual. I am so happy it makes you happy. Gelmore is a fine name, as she does not look like a Lorelei. :)

  9. Congratulations Janet on your 100th post! While I've only been following for a few months, I always enjoy your posts. I remember when I posted my photo of the mermaid flags that you said you loved mermaids, I had no idea you had such a wonderful one right in your home.

  10. Congratulations on your 100th post, Janet! The table is certainly unique; I'm with Tina--I would love to put this in my garden. In fact, I have some large rocks she could sit on and comb her long, golden hair:) I think she looks more like Lorelei than Gilmore:)

  11. Janet girl ! That is a great story with the table .. and yes , Gilmore Girls ? .. I liked that show a lot : )
    Time flies as do the posts .. you are doing very well !

  12. Happy 100th Janet!!! H.

  13. Hi everyone!! 100 is pretty incredible isn't it?

    Tatyana, I thank you most kindly. Appreciate you visiting,

    Linda, I did add another picture of the table so you could see the whole thing. Hope you checked back. Yes, Gilmore. ;-)

    Tina, She looks pretty good in the family room...great coffee table!

    Cameron, Thanks so much. I love this sculpture!

    Rachel, Can you talk that fast?

    Susie Q, Lorelei talks pretty fast too! Pinch her nipple? You nut!

    Randy, glad Meg likes my table! I can tell you where and how to order one... ;-)

    Beckie, I am glad I joined this gardening group of bloggers, lots and lots of nice folks. Glad you like Gilmore.

    CIO, now you know! I still need to get photos of the Norfolk mermaids.

    Rose, thanks a bunch! She is a beauty, in the house or garden.

    Joy, My kids love Gilmore Girls, think I have seen most episodes as they 'force' me to watch it!

    Helen, thanks!!

  14. Great table. I'm glad you didn't have to wait until you won the lottery to get it.
    Lorelei just makes me think of the song by Styx. Great song!
    Happy 100! I guess I should count my posts. I don't know how many I have...

  15. thanks Colleen, I am glad I didn't have to wait too!! (the number of your posts should be in your blogger profile)

  16. Oh Thanks. I have 2 more to go. I'm on 98. It would have come and gone if I didn't see your 100 post!

  17. Hi Colleen, how fun! Will keep my eyes open for your 100th.

  18. very nice, functional and beautiful, just a lovely piece of art.


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