Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If Wishes Were Horses.....

Every week when I drive to ballet, there is a sign--beckoning to me...."This is for you....Buy a ticket....Win win win!!!"

This dastardly billboard is all up and down the highway!!! NO MORE CALLS --WE HAVE A WINNER!! What would you do if you won $73,000,000???


  1. what would you do with that money??

    Share with your favorite daughters!

  2. I like the above comment! HA We often fantasize about what we would do if we win the lottery. I should have written down all the things, but at the moment I would buy a Cadillac Escalade large SUV, hybrid of course, in opalescent white. To carry lots of plants and mulch home in style. And buy a house at the beach so we don't have to rent one. We could rent it out, but guess we won't need the money from rentals! Set up a foundation to do good works, scholarships for deserving students, build libraries and art museums for poor areas, like mine, so everyone could enjoy the finer things in life. Is 73 mil enough? We might need to win a couple of times. HA

  3. I would build the most amazing botanical garden ever!

  4. I'd buy a mountaintop retreat and all of my family members a nearby house. And of course restore hubby's collector cars once and for all by the best!

  5. I don't know if you were playing ABC Wednesday with us, but this was a perfect letter 'B'--I remember the Tidewater area of VA as lush, humid, beautiful with little sand flies. Happy gardening!

  6. Definitely buy an oceanfront house right away so we could live there while we decide what to do with the rest of the money! Then we would go to Maui for a month or so to determine if we could afford to live there for the rest of our lives!
    Then I'd setup a foundation make grant money available to children of all ages for educational purposes.
    Guess I'd better go buy a ticket!

  7. A beach house nestled in the dunes over looking the ocean..with gauzy white draperies billowing..oh wait, isn't that a cover of one of those romance novels? ; )

  8. 6 houses: 2 northern hemisphere, 2 southern and another 2 for tropical region.... and enough money left to hop around the globe to do gardening and weeding.... haha.

    Cheers Queen Janet
    ~ bangchik

  9. I would probably share alot of it with my family. :)

  10. Ah Rachel, you know I don't have favorites. ;-)

    Frances, hi there, grand desires, I think we need to win over and over to take care of all who are in need.

    Hi Phillip, I am sure yours would be the most grand garden...EVER!

    Hi Tina, yes, you can't forget the cars!

    Noni, hi, thanks for visiting. Billboard would fit in quite well!! Yes, lush, humid, and on the beach those sand flies, did I mention humid??

    Colleen, welcome, so...did you buy a ticket? Only way to win. ;-)

    Hi Susie, a romance novel?? you nut!!

    Bangchik- welcome, you traveling woman you!!

    Hi Racquel, you would share -- you have a big heart.

  11. Hi Janet~~ Great question. I couldn't in good conscience spend a dime until all debts were paid in full, which alone would be a wonderful gift. Then there's college tuition and new cars and.... Come to think of it all that money would ruin me and definitely ruin my kids. But I wouldn't mind experimenting. LOL

    You asked a question about my watering can planted with Lantana. I, of course, made sure there was a drainage hole, then used a few plastic bottles, scrunched up, to fill up the bottom. Then soil the rest of the way. This is the first year I've done this and so far so good. Thanks for the compliments. I always enjoy your blog.

  12. I once thought about this when our state lottery jackpot reached $60 million. I realized there was no way I could spend it all. But I wouldn't mind a couple million:)

  13. ..faint dead away. :)Then get a house on the beach and one in the mountains.

  14. Hi Grace, Wishing is always fun isn't it? Thanks for the info on the watering can. It sure is a cute planter.

    Hi Rose, I could use a couple million too!

    Donna, Hi there, I am sure I would faint too!

  15. ...the beggars would ride.
    I love to buy lottery tickets, just to allow my mind the freedom to consider the possibilities. Fortunately, I like things pretty much the way they are, but it would be nice to spend more time at home with my pups, less time in the office. It would be nice to be able to help the important causes along, share the winnings with all the needy animals out there. Glad to see you got your fantasy table, even without winning the jackpot, and congratulations on your 100th post, keep up the good work!

  16. Hi Megan, I agree with you on being happy with how things are now. (Now that I have my table! ) Whenever asked about what I want for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.... I think, time to be together with family, time to read (without falling asleep!) you know..stuff that money can't buy.


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