Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long Angles and Foggy Mornings

This time of year the long angles of the sun make for some wonderful light shows.  The other night taking the dogs for their evening walk I saw this gorgeous sight.  Love how the setting sun broke through the pines, illuminating various parts of the forest. 

 Turning around and heading to the house, the sun is shining along different parts of the woods.  Can you tell I live in a pine forest? 
With the mild temperatures we have been having we have had some interesting fog.  This morning, while letting the dogs out, this blanket of fog rolled in and out in the course of about a half hour.  We have fog like this in the fall-- always magical.

Fog is so interesting, but hard to really capture in a photo. 

We spread 4 cubic yards of hardwood mulch so far, the hill killed us.  Today I did some trimming/pruning and spread the pine straw in the garden along the driveway.   While in the woods I found a fun little mushroom, think it is a Turkey tail mushroom. Trametes versicolor   After reading through the Mushroom Expert, I am not sure.  Will have to go and do a closer investigation.

Whatever it is, it is pretty. 

So, like I said, mulch was spread on some of the gardens....we will probably have two more loads (2 cubic yards each) to finish around the house.  The shed sits on the front part of the grassy area of our yard. We mulched from the driveway to and around the shed

 I put layers of newspaper under the mulch to take care of the grass.  There are bulbs planted on either side of the door.  Along the window side is a Yuletide Camellia, two red Rhododendrons 'Besse Howells', and a Tea Olive on the back corner.

You can see how much this part of the yard slopes. The shrubs will help hide the space as they grown.  On the backside of the shed I planted three Spirea vanhouttei that will have plenty of room to grow to their full potential.   
As you can see, the house sits on the hillside. I am standing next to the lower corner of the shed, turned facing the house.  The side garden is now mulched and next we have the other side of the house and the front garden to do....think that will be a lot less mountain climbing!

 Hope the nice weather holds out, we have a few more work days!

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  1. Janet,
    Man that is some slope there, all those blocks under the shed. Looks custom made to, very nice indeed.

  2. Beautiful shots. Looks like spring there! You give me hope for weather like that around the corner here too.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of work!
    I like foggy mornings, too. Interesting mushrooms!
    Have a great day!

  4. Doesn't the morning fog make you want to grab the camera and go? We have been enjoying nice weather here too. Yesterday, I spent 3/4 of the day outside, in January!

  5. Wow, you've accomplished an awful lot of work. I'll bet your legs really got a work out on that hillside. I always have trouble photographing fog too, there must be a trick to it?

  6. It looks like you are in luck with the weather. Its been so nice to work outside this winter. The shed is looking good. The VH spirea will surely look great behind it. I love that shrub but don't really let it grow to its full potential here.

  7. That first shot with the sun on the trees and the road curving out of sight is just wonderful! That is a pretty mushroom too.

    Love your new shed, and all the work you've done mulching beds. We get a lot of fog here too, and I've always wanted to try capturing it, but I know it's not easy. So mysterious!

  8. Fog creates wonderfully moody landscapes, add in pine forest and you have the stuff of suspense movies! Beautiful fungus, whatever it is. That slope made me tired just looking at it, but the glimpse of the view out over the lake just shows what a beautiful spot you have wound up living in. I'm sure your shed will soon nestle into the landscape.

  9. The new mulch looks great. Your yard is very sloping indeed!

    Lots of pine trees around here too and I love them *except* when they block the winter sun.

  10. Smukke billeder.
    Rigtig smuk natur på dit sidste billede.
    Tak for kigget.

  11. That's a lot of work you've been doing! We have one Pine tree in our yard, having a whole forest around would be amazing. I love how they smell in the summer.

  12. You have certainly been busy, Janet! That's a lot of mulch to move around--no need to get on the Stairmaster after that:) What a lovely place to walk with your dogs.

  13. Spreading mulch is such a killer! I wish it would spread it self. :o) I love spirea. They'll look great behind your shed. I love how carefree and voluptous they are.

  14. Hi Janet, We had a snow storm on the weekend and then the weather turned mild again. Not mild enough to work in the garden, but hey, this is Canada in winter, I'll take whatever mild weather Mother Nature favours us with! LOL
    The mild temperatures often bring morning fog. I love the ghostly look it gives our little valley.
    You have been very busy. The landscaping around the shed looks great!

  15. those are beautiful pictures, janet. i do love pine trees. i'm am so envious of your shed! it looks great, and i know it will be very handy, too. did you get 70 degrees today? we did! unbelievable.

  16. Happy to find your Blog today. So wonderful your pictures!

  17. Janet,
    I am loving your new blog look.
    So that shed looks very handy and I bet you are glad to have it.
    I love foggy days. They remind me of Sleepy Hollow.

  18. Ohhhh, I love the fog photo! That's a beauty. Your shed looks great, and the yard is coming along quite nicely. It looks great as-is, too.

  19. Randy, yes, we are on quite a good slope. Makes for good calf muscles. Our shed was made by the Mennonites, really quality work.

    Aerie-el, it sure feels like spring!

    Lea, we have lots more work to go!

    Les, yes, foggy mornings beg for pictures to be taken.

    Marguerite, I am not sure about a trick to photographing fog, there must be though! Yes, the hillside makes for good leg muscles.

    Tina, I am hoping the VH spirea will be happy there!

    Alison, thanks! We live in the piney woods!

    Janet, Suspense with the woods and the fog, throw in a wild critter or two, oooohhhhh. We love where we are living.

    Sweetbay, I think the new mulch will be better for the gardens.

    Landbohaven, thanks! We sure live in the middle of nature.

    Catherine, Our pines put off their fragrance late in the fresh smelling.

    Rose, We have been busy, and have much more to do. The dogs love it here!

    Tammy, It makes for a good workout.

    Jennifer, yes, winter in Canada is much different than here. brrr

    Daricia, I love my shed, my playhouse! Yes, our temps have been wonderful!!

    Keity, so happy you stopped by, thanks!

    Rosey, thanks for noticing! yes, fog does remind me of Sleepy Hollow too.

    OMS, thanks!! fog is so cool. The yard is a work in progress.. as always.

  20. Are those blocks just sitting on the ground, or is there a concrete footer under them? That shed could become very unstable.

    1. thank you Anonymous. Yes, they are just on the ground. We have talked about getting some concrete under the blocks.


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