Sunday, August 21, 2011


DUCK!! If you go out on our deck you better duck ----the hummingbirds are moving fast and furiously.  During the majority of the summer we had three or four hummers who would guard our feeders, claiming them as their own.  For the last couple days we have counted 6 or 7 speeding by...could be more.   This picture looks serene...because these little guys are going so fast you need a radar gun to catch them.

On the deck I have my herbs, some have already flowered.  I let my herbs flower so they will reseed.  In the flower stage the hummingbirds LOVE the basil, mint, savory, and oregano.   Do you see the hummingbird in the photo below? 

OK, look below, photo cropped and you see it working the other side of the basil.  I spent a lot  of time trying to get a picture of the hummingbirds on the herbs.  Most of the time it was hide and seek.

Here we go... a little female. 

And another shot--- finally!

I tried to get a picture of a number of them swarming the feeders.  This one was guarding her feeder.  See her on the bar with the tree trunk in the background?  I have a couple suet cages that the Tufted Titmouse family is very fond of.  Yesterday there were six Titmice (?) along the railing and on the suet.

See the posturing with these two? 

Ok, how about a little closer?

The hummingbirds are like flying aces in a dogfight in the air.  Our show goes on from morning until dark, there is no down time.  I don't know how they can keep going!   Putting up hummingbird feeders is the best entertainment going! 

For those who get my postings via email, the last posting was updated with an identification of the mystery vine.  It is a Groundnut, Apios americana.  Very interesting history, check out this link for a fascinating read.

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  1. I have tried so hard to have something to draw the hummingbird to my place but nothing seems to work. So I will enjoy them thru your eyes.

    Thanks so much
    Berts My Vickie

  2. Oh my, that is amazing. I didn't know the hummers liked basil. I will have to start watching mine.

  3. I love watching the hummers, they are so much fun and so cool! I wish they weren't so leery of people. They are hard to photograph, kudos to you!

  4. Janet, thank you! I've neber seen them on herbs! I had a chance to watch one of their fights in my garden in July. I've never thought that hummingbirds are so territorial!

  5. I've been enjoying them here too. They are such amazing acrobats!

  6. Janet they are going crazy here as well. I even found one on the tomato plant at the flowers. They are so fast I can't get a good picture. They are flitting so fast from flower to flower all over the yard. It has been a joy to watch them.

  7. You managed to catch some great poses, Janet! I love watching them too! I have seen a couple on my Cardinal Flower out near our stream, but haven't managed to capture a shot yet. For some reason they weren't going to my hummingbird feeders so after I took them down to clean them I didn't put them back up. It's fun to have this kind of 'action' in the garden;-)

  8. we haven't had a lot of hummingbirds this year, but the ones i have seen were visiting basil, i do believe. your pictures are great. those little hummers are hilarious...very entertaining!

  9. They are very territorial birds. LOL! My son use to call them little dive bombers. You got some great captures of them Janet.

  10. Great photos (love your porch and deck, too).

    The same air wars are going on here. I heard one bump another one in flight! WOW! They have little tempers, don't they? Two did a fly by in front of my nose while I was typing on my MacBook on the front porch this morning.

    Fortunately, I have a lot of writing work right now, but it's keeping me busy so I'm not on FB or blogs much... probably for a few more weeks. After a drought, it rains assignments!

  11. Wow, what great observations (and shots) of your hummingbirds! I wouldn't have thought that they'd visit such small flowers, but obviously I'm wrong. Enjoy!


  12. Fantastic captures of the hummingbirds, Janet! I have tried and tried to get a decent hummingbird photo, but usually wind up with a picture of just the feeder instead:)

    I went to a lecture on hummingbirds a few weeks ago--they have extremely rapid heartbeats and eat voraciously, which gives them the energy they need to fly so fast. I also learned not to make their nectar too sugary--it can give them diarrhea. Oops, I've been carefully measuring out the nectar concentrate after learning that fact:)

  13. My mom always used to have hummingbird feeders and it really is a show to watch them. So much energy for such little birds. I'm delighted to see them feeding on basil. We don't have feeders but I know there are hummingbirds around. Perhaps they'll find my basil and make themselves at home.

  14. Berts, Not sure why you can't get them at your place. Try planting lots of trumpet shaped flowers. Glad you can see them here!

    Lola, these little guys like lots of different blooms!

    Alison, they are very entertaining. This show goes on all day long, lots of fun.

    Tatyana, they are super territorial. Sometimes they hide out in the tree nearby ---guarding their feeder!

    Tina, acrobats to be sure!!!

    Donna, yes, on my tomato plants too! They are usually a blur in the pictures.

    Jan, I took a ton of pictures! I should take my feeders down, but not sure ---have been enjoying the show!

    Daricia, I wonder why you haven't had many hummers? They do like the basil flowers!

    Lona, They are dive bombers! thanks!

    Cameron, thanks! We love our deck, sitting up in the trees. I like it when they chitter at can hear them from a distance. Glad you have some writing assignments.

    Lisa, Hard not to see them, they are busy all day long, lots of fun to see.

    Rose, thanks, had lots of opportunities to capture a shot of them. I am careful about the mixture I make for them. one part sugar four parts water...and boil!!

    Marguerite, hope you have some hummers find your basil!

  15. Firstly, magnificent basil, I am jealous. Secondly, how wonderful to be buzzed by hummers. I am jealous. Spot the theme yet?! I've enjoyed watching hummingbirds while visiting relatives in Arizona, but they remain an exotic treat enjoyed only in other people's blog posts.

  16. Adorable! They are difficult little buggers to photograph!

  17. How fun. I wish I had more in my garden. Every year they seem harder and harder to come by. I just saw my first one the other day but it's moved on now. Nothing like what you have there.

    ps the tomato pie looks delicious. I would eat it, heart healthy or not! Yum! I've been buying my tomatoes at the farmers market because my plants are doing nothing. :-( It would work tho. Martha definitely has a mean pie crust. You did her proud!

  18. Janet, thanks, it would be better had I clipped the buds before it flowered. Loves the sun and lots of water. Hummingbirds are a riot to watch.

    Kim & victoria, so many of the birds in our backyard are tough to photograph....busy busy busy.

    Kathleen, I see you did finally see a hummingbird in your garden. What fun.
    as for the 'mater pie, thanks!! Me and Martha are pie crust babes!


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