Tuesday, May 10, 2011

View of a Slice of Paradise

With sunsets like this, I know you think I am just lounging around, watching the waves lap the shore.

I have been doing a lot more planting.   I decided I wanted to try planting roses along the shoreline again....yes I know-- don't say  it.  I will try to stay ahead of the deer.  Two of the roses they nibbled to the ground (instead of uprooting and walking off with) are blooming.  I have faith the new ones might thrive as well---if they have the chance to get their roots in the ground securely. 

This is the backyard, taken from the lower level, looking uphill.  Shrubs are filling out, I mark my victories with each plant when I can see it from the deck.  I have rearranged a few plants, giving them a bit more sunlight.  When they were planted I thought the amount of light would be greater.  I will photograph this angle later in the season and share the difference.

While planting and replanting I had a serenade from this Summer Tanager.  His song is so pretty.  It took a long time to get a photo of him, the sun was right behind him most of the time.
 While working under the trees near the fern area I found a plant that I am leaving.  I believe it is a native Solmon's Seal, Polygonatum biflorum.   It hasn't bloomed, so I am reserving judgement.  Any ideas?

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  1. That's a lovely view indeed. I do think that looks like Solomon's seal. The paths are looking nice.

  2. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that the roses survive! I love that large bed with the pathway through it, it looks so tranquil. That plant does look very Solomon's Sealish. Probably not a weed at any rate.

    That is a beautiful picture of the sunset.

  3. OK, I believe you, you don't spend ALL your time sat admiring that view...

    Good luck with the roses - is there the equivalent of tree guards for shrubs? Like the "I can see it from the deck" test, hope many more shrubs pass that one this year. It is all shaping up beautifully.

  4. Janet,
    I too saw a Summer Tanager in our garden on Sunday. I think your plant is a bellwort, we have them here by the thousands. It have a pale yellow flower shaped like a bell. Salomon's seal I think the leaves would be more rounded.

  5. I'm not sure that is Solomon's seal but it's something to hang on to. I used to have a similar plant, cannot for the life of me remember the name, similar configuration with the stalk changing direction with every node. I believe there were yellow flowers. I'll have to check the old garden lists at home and get back to you.

  6. Now that would be very relaxing to have that view.
    We get Western Tanager's in the summer here. That is a beautiful red Tanager.

  7. Gorgeous sunset indeed! Good luck with those Roses, hopefully they get a chance to sink their roots in and the deer leave them alone. :)

  8. Hi Janet, Wow! What a spectacular view you have. I bet it would be wonderful in the morning to sit out on your deck with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy watching the sun rise up over the trees. The garden is coming along nicely. I look forward to seeing the same view later in the season. That does look an awful lot like Solmon's Seal- I'd leave it for now as others have already suggested.

  9. Hi everyone, my new goal is to try and respond to your comments at least once a day. We shall see how well I follow up with it.

    tina, It is a dream view isn't it? I think it might be Solomon's Seal, but Randy offered another idea...so who knows. I am really happy we did the pathways.

    Alison, thanks! I hope the roses survive too. I feel like the backyard feels like a park setting. I love it. Yes, I agree, not a weed.

    Janet, I love the views we have, we always hate to leave to take any trips.
    I guess I could put some sort of guards up, but will try stinky stuff for now.

    Randy, I love that Summer Tanager! I looked up the Bellwort, will have to wait for it to bloom to be sure. It is a fun quest. thanks for the suggestion.

    Marguerite, I agree, whatever it is, it should stay! Would be curious to know what your plant was...will wait to see if you find your list.

    Rosey, I will have to look up the Western Tanager, I am happy to have sighted the Summer Tanager.

    Racquel, thanks! I hope those rose roots grow fast!

    Jennifer, thanks! Sitting and having coffee out on the deck is wonderful! I look forward to seeing how much things will grow by fall as well.

  10. Well, Janet, I sure would be tempted to just sit back and enjoy the sunsets ~ especially when they are as gorgeous as your photo shows. Every night would be margaritaville for me!
    You are energetic tho and ambitious. I hope your vision of the roses along the bank works out.
    Love the summer tanager ~ you are lucky to have such wonderful bird companions while you work.
    That sure looks like Solomon's seal to me too but I would never say I was an expert.

  11. Beautiful view! You have quite a haven there.

    I hope you have success with the roses. If you don't want to spray, you could use parallel sets of 32" high edging fence. Stick the edging fence in the ground about 3 feet out from your roses so that you can tend them. Then set another round of edging fence 3 feet out from the first...double-fenced. They will not jump between the two short fences. Since the fence is temporary, you can pull it up during the winter or when you are showing off your garden. I use this trick to keep them from plowing up my seeds with their tiny hoofs. Once I have strong plants, I remove the edging fence.

  12. What a spectacular view, and your garden is shaping up beautifully. I think Randy's right ~ if that plant is small it's a Bellwort. The leaves look like that of a miniature Solomon's Seal. A lot of it grows in the sloughs on our farm.

  13. I think I would be on your deck all the time looking at the view, it's beautiful! I hope the deer leave your new roses alone. What a pretty bird, it's so colorful.

  14. Kathleen, Watching the sunset is pretty nice! Margaritaville for sure.
    I am hoping my vision of the roses works out as well.
    As for the bird, we have so many in the woods, but most of the time I only get fleeting glimpses of them.
    I am going to watch it and hope it blooms soon so I know.

    Cameron, we do have a haven. Your fencing idea sounds interesting. Will keep it in mind.

    Sweetbay, what would I do without you and Randy helping me along with IDs for birds, wildflowers and butterflies? thanks so much! Love the yellow bloom, hope this is it.

    Catherine, it is already too hot in the middle of the day to be out on the deck and be comfortable. I do like the mornings and evenings outside though.

  15. Drats on Blogger.
    Love that shot of your back garden. WOW. It is so tranquil looking. Lots of space to fill. Have fun.
    I go with Solomons Seal also.

  16. WOW, the place you live is the kind of place the rest of us go on vacation!! Good for you :-)

  17. If I had a sunset like that to watch, yes, I'd be doing just that!
    Your place is looking great.

  18. This is a bit of paradise indeed, Janet! With a setting like this, you will never need to go anywhere else for a vacation. Your garden is filling in nicely; I hope the deer leave the new roses alone.

  19. Hi everyone, thanks for your kind comments! With the Blogger issues and disappearing comments, I will just say I appreciate your visits and your comments. Come again.

  20. I saw Hydrangeas for 4o bucks at Costco last night. That seems pricey!
    I just happened to notice them because of this post you did earlier and not many flowering plants are blue.

  21. Janet, my huge apologies for taking sooo long to find my old garden list. But here we are. the plant I was thinking of is called Bellwort or Fairy Bells. The latin is Disporum sessile. it's a native perennial, spreads by rhizomes. Likes moist shade and produces yellow bell flowers. Hope this helps!


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