Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There

This has been going on for a couple weeks already and neighbors say it gets so loud you have to go inside if you want a conversation. (be sure to turn on your speakers)

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. My goodness! Must be a healthy ecosystem to have frogs and toads nearby making such a ruckus.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. At first I thought it was crickets. Could not place frogs but it does sound like a jungle, must be spring! Which reminds me peepers will be peeping soon. Forgot all about them.

  3. The Littlest Gardener (my 4 year old) and I had to listen to this 4 times. She's hoping you'll find the frogs and take their picture :) It does sound jungley, I love it.

  4. They are vocal, aren't they! We lost a few frogs who went up inside our waterfall pump while they were groggy. An unusual event, but they burned out the $500 high-powered pump before we noticed there was a problem.

  5. Janet,

    These are chorus frogs for sure. The ones we have here are Upland Chorus Frogs, out in the NC sandhills the chorus frogs there are Southern Chorus Frogs. Check out this page for range maps of both

  6. Janet,

    That is down right quiet compared to the choruses we get here when the chorus frogs and spring peepers go at it on a rainy night.

  7. They sure are loud. Almost as bad as the Katydids. That is what we called them.

  8. The frogs are singing here too. I hear them but can hardly ever see them, even if I really look. They are excellent hiders.

  9. omg I've never heard anything like it, Frances

  10. ahhhhhh sounds like the awesome sound of spring to me!!!

  11. Oh, this does sound like spring to me, too! You have your own "Lullaby of Frogland" to put you to sleep each night:)

  12. And I thought ours got loud! Hope they don't keep you awake...

  13. Wow, we have frogs but they are not that loud! Thank goodness as we like to sleep with the windows open during pleasant weather. I think those loud mouths would keep me awake...

  14. So nice the sounds of nature! hope they don't keep you up though

  15. Hi Janet, They are looking for love and not the slightest bit shy about singing out for all the world to hear, "I'm here! Come find me." I am sure it could get annoying after a time, but still, there is something joyous in all that racket. Have a great weekend.

  16. i believe that sound could lead to sex... if you are a frog.

  17. Hi all!
    Rosey, it seems to be an untouched area so the ecosystem is pretty healthy.

    Tina, Oh man, just wait til the crickets and the cicadas start, big time noisey!

    Catherine, glad your Littlest Gardener liked listening.

    Cameron, they are vocal and will become more so! Sorry to hear about the one who got into your pump.

    Randy, always the guy in the know! Thanks ! I think the ones here are Upland Chorus by the native range on your link. Either way they are active!
    and it will get louder for sure!

    Lola, These frogs are loud, but when the insects start the whole orchestra is alive!

    Sweetbay, They are so small, it is hard to see them and when you get close they stop singing.

    Island Threads (Frances), thanks for coming by! It is pretty amazing isn't it?

    Jester, sure is!!!

    Rose, Lullaby of Frogland, good one!

    Jan, Glad you liked it!

    Janet, apparently they get a lot louder too. I am amazed they are singing so much in February.

    Skeeter, I think of it as lulling me to sleep. I look forward to having the windows open at night....sometimes we hear the owl too. I like it.

    Fer, my head hits the pillow and I am out like a light!

    Jennifer, They are screaming 'I'm here...' it is a joyous racket to be sure!

    Les, damn, got all excited then realized I wasn't a frog.


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