Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuck Between A Rock and A Hard Place and GBBD

Well, this isn't really a rock, but it is a hard place. This poor little Columbine grew from a deposited seed a few years ago. I have tried to pull many times. Look at looks like it is looking at me saying---help me

When it was small I thought I could easily slide it out, thinking the root structure was not too large. Well, it couldn't be pulled and I haven't had the heart to kill it. So every year, I have a very pretty Aquilegia growing in the crack of the sidewalk and the house.

Miss Bateman, my bargain Clematis is starting to bloom. I have her behind the mailbox and she seems to be very happy.

More blooms opening every day

For those who didn't know what we in the South have been talking in reference to the are a few examples. This is in front of my garage door....after it rained.

The yellow is the pine pollen from the Loblolly Pine primarily.  The fuzzy 'stuff' is the catkins from the oaks.   It is mostly the oak pollen that people have trouble with, though the pine pollen is more visible.

After a rain is puddles and settles in many places.  With hope another rain will finish off the high volume of pollen that is lingering.

And so for this April Garden Bloggers Bloom Day I welcome the first of the Tradescantia that is already blooming in my garden.  Please visit Carol  at May Dreams Gardens for more GBBD postings.

words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. The pollen is awful here too. My green car would be green no matter what this year!

  2. That's one of the reasons I love Columbines. I find that they usually disagree with my choice but are more than happy choosing their own.

  3. Such beautiful blooming flowers!! The pollen is that bad here. Everything is yellow. It rained but it came by quickly. Love, Debbie

  4. I love your little columbine coming up through the crack in the sidewalk; it brought a smile to my face this morning. I don't think I'd have the heart to move it.

    I hope you don't have allergies, Janet; all that pollen must make it difficult for people with allergies to get out and enjoy these beautiful spring days.

    Happy Bloom Day!

  5. We get similar amounts of pollen from the maple trees on the property. And I believe some years are worse than others. I can't get over that dear little Columbine, stubbornly hanging on to its chosen place. Talk about blooming where you're planted! She's a beauty, though.

  6. We have lots of pine pollen from Ponderosa pines, and people blame it for allergies. But my allergy book says pine pollen is smooth and has a waxy coating that prevents it from causing much allergy symptoms. Thank goodness!
    And what a trooper your columbine is. Very pretty, too.

  7. same pollen here, though the worst of it was a week or two ago. we had some rain that cleared a lot of it. i almost posted tradescantia today, too. my white one is blooming, no purple or pink yet.

  8. Poor little columbine. We had one grow in a crack in a cinder block. The roots completely demolished the block into bits, the columbine rules the world! lol The row of tall pines are sprinkling us with yellow dust too. I finally had to wash the deck and furniture outside, I couldn't stand to look at it anymore, knowing it will be back tomorrow. No rain for us in quite a while and none in the forecast. Boo.

  9. That columbine will probably live longer than any of the rest, since they hate coddling. It's a beautiful color.

  10. Cute little columbine. I think plants that can grow this way are amazing little things. I sure recognize those oak flowers. Yuck! They are so dirty and messy and get dragged in the house. Heavy pollen here too but it fortunately doesn't bother me.

  11. All I get in my cracks are weeds! LOL, I say let her be and live life to the fullest each year. I could not pull her either...

    The pollen was so bad here that it is still floating on the lake! It is nasty looking on the water. My neighbors horses had it in the edges of their eyes each day until cleaned out. It was really bad here this year…

  12. That's some amazing pollen you have there! And as for the columbine, well, maybe I'm cruel, but with results like that, I'd be tempted to start scattering columbine seeds in all the cracks on purpose.

  13. After the last rain we had, there was what looked like a puddle of butter in street from all the pollen. We have some big Deodaras across the street that contribute their fair share as well. I pulled some Columbine out of the compost pile at work years ago and brought it home. It comes up where it will, not where I want it.

  14. So glad to see the brunt of the pollen gone. It was a sneeze fest here for awhile. ;) I love your little Columbine growing in that crack. So pretty! And the mailbox looks great draped with the Clematis, it should be glorious when it is full bloom!

  15. I love that little Columbine, I have one in a similar place. For such delicate looking flowers they sure are tough! Your Miss Bateman is so big, I have a skinny little one that has buds for the first time. I hope mine will look like yours someday.
    I can't believe all that pollen, hope it's washed away soon.

  16. We get some good accumulation of pine pollen around here in June. It is crazy so see giant clouds of it flowing from the trees. I ALWAYS close the windows then!

    What a pretty Clematis! Tough plant.

  17. I did hear that the pollen count was one of the highest in a long time around here. I guess the plants were just as sick of the winter as we were.

    That is a cute Columbine and I think you were smart just to go with it.

  18. I'm living on zyrtec & son is on claritin & hubby just took him for his allergy shot! I think I dislike the handfuls of 'fuzzy stuff' (as you call it!) more than the yellow. That 'sheds' so much pollen as it lies there and is also an entire deck is covered along with my gardens, and of course the new veggies I've planted in pots. The little sprouts are coming up but I have to keep removing the clumps of 'stuff' in order to see them. I don't like to pick it up because it really gets into my sinuses...but soon it'll be gone. Just something we all put up with around here! I like how your columbine refuses to give up and shows you that even a bare, ugly crack on the side of the house can be pretty! Love your clematis bloom too...Mine have not gotten buds as yet. We are just a 'touch' further behine you. There are buds on my columbine but no blooms just yet. But it's there's nothing better, in my mind. Despite some undesired 'stuff' that happens, spring is my favorite time of year.

  19. I don't think I could bring myself to yank out that columbine. Luckily I don't think there's much chance of it heaving the sidewalk.

  20. Your columbine looks like it's growing from behind bars with the window pattern behind it. It's a pretty contradiction.
    Wow that's some pollen you have there. Those trees aren't messing around.

  21. The columbine is lovely, and well worth letting inhabit a tough crack. And the pollen, hmm, quite dreadful this year!


  22. Wow! that is a lot of pollen!
    Love your Miss Bateman clematis. it is elegant.

  23. omg, that poor columbine. I want to rescue it!! It's beautiful tho despite the less than ideal setting. So is your mailbox. I'm trying to decide what to plant around mine ~ clematis was one option (as well as morning glories). Love yours. Will you plant another around your new mailbox?
    That is a LOT of pollen Janet! I hope it's almost done now??

  24. Good grief, that's a lot of pollen! I've never seen anything like it.

  25. Hi Janet~~ Wow. Plant propagation overdrive! My fingers are crossed for better breathing soon!!

    Love that little, "I think I can..." Columbine. Bless its heart. To pull or not to pull...? I understand the quandary. It looks like you've made the right choice.

  26. Janet you asked about the Climbing Old Blush -- I think one is 5 years old, the other was grown from a cutting the next year. It grows fast.

    Hansa is a great rose -- I love it for its color, velvetiness, and fragrance.

  27. Yep, we're coated in yellow - and are in desperate need of a hard cleansing rain!

    That little columbine sure is determined.

  28. hi Dave, I think the pollen was bad all over this year.

    Hi Wiseacre, thanks for stopping by. Yes, Columbine seem to have a mind of their own.

    Hi Debbie, thanks!

    Hi Rose,You know when it was just a tiny seedling I thought I could pull it and transplant it elsewhere, but it was holding firm from an early age.

    Hi Nancy, Plant where you are planted indeed. Well put.

    Hi VW, yes I imagine the Ponderosa pines put off a good amount of pollen as well. You are correct about the allergy componant --though not everyone agrees.

    Hi Daricia, I imagine the pollen is pretty good there with the large pine forest area. I do like the different colors of Tradescantia-- though mine has reseeded all over!!

    Hi Frances, that was one strong columbine!! I am letting the Big Man Upstairs wash the His own time!

    Hi Sweetbay, you are probably correct.

    Hi Tina, plants do have a unique way of growing where they want.

    Hi Skeeter, I get plenty of weeds in my sidewalk cracks too! As for the pollen-- We haven't had enough rain to really wash it all away yet.

    Queer by Choice, hi! haven't seen you around for a long time. Welcome back. Given the strength of those roots on the columbine if I scattered seeds in all the cracks it might tip the house!! hahaa

    Hi Les, puddle of butter, good description. I lose some of my columbines from year to year-- I always blame the voles.

    Hi Racquel, Most of the pollen has come down, now it just needs to get washed away.
    I am really enjoying the Clematis this year!

    Hi Catherine, Columbine are nice flowers, I tell the kids they are court jester's hats.
    Miss Bateman is really going strong this year. Hooray!

    Hi Rosey, I am always amazed by the whirlwinds of yellow pollen. man!!

    Hi Chris, I am sure the plants are happy it is warm and time to grow because they are just going wild!

    Hi Jan, better living through chemistry!! I think the seasons will catch up with each other soon. I will be glad when the poa anna is gone with the onset of heat.

    Hi Phillip, well I guess it won't heave the sidewalk, but it certainly has anchored itself.

    Hi Megan, poor little Columbine in jail. haha. yes, it is a lot of pollen.

    Hi Lisa, I am glad it is thriving there, kind of a conversation piece as one enters the house.

    Hi Sylvana, thanks, I am thrilled Miss Bateman is happy there, kind of a harsh environment..between two driveways and very little soil to keep her roots moist.

    Hi Kathleen, I tried to rescue it! Seemed happy where it was!
    I will plant a few Clematis. Miss Bateman was on the discount rack at Lowe's for 75 cents...a true bargain.

    Hi K & V, yes we have lots of pollen...and many suffers.

    Hi Grace, Sex run amuck! Hoping it is over soon.
    My daughter did a storyteller competition for forensics in high school and won 1st place in the state....for the Little Engine that Could!

    Hi Sweetbay, thanks, nice to know there are some great climbers that will fill in in a few years. Yes, I love Hansas for their fragrance.

    Hi Pam, did you get the rain that came through with the terrible tornadoes? We only got about 1/2 inch.

  29. You see things most folks miss, me included, thanks for inviting me into your garden.


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