Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's Kickin' Up the Water and Other Observations

This morning I was contemplating a new post about whether or not to prune the swing set jungle. The bird activity is high in the early morning, so I was trying to get a good photo... when I noticed that SOMETHING was in the creek creating lots of ripples and circles and bubbles and general disturbance. Turns out there were about 6 or 7 Double-crested Cormorant swimming around under water for most of the time. At one point they all took off flying down the creek, returning moments later. The thing that makes divers interesting to watch is that you never know if one is going to surface...or you are watching, glance away, and poof, under he goes! These divers swim semi-submerged...so if you look closely at the photo, you will see a long neck or two or more!
As I was watching the water show, Mrs. Bluebird came to the mealworm house for more worms. I usually put the worms out just before sunrise, and hope the Bluebirds get some. The Carolina Wren is a little piggy, but I don't keep track of who has eaten.

Poor little Mrs. Bluebird wasn't happy to see Newton so close to the window, so she took off. In the birdbath there is a male Bluebird...looking for some water, I really need to refill it. (Newton thinks the birdbath is his personal outdoor water bowl.)

Guess the post about pruning will go up later this week. This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count. Check the link to get details!


  1. I can see them when I enlarged the photo. I bet that was way cool. Pruning can surely wait for such a treat.

  2. Hi Tina, yes I know the photo left a little to be desired...zoomed and through the window, oh well. The pruning I am contemplating is a biggie...lots of rose rambles.

  3. The photo was fine, I could just see them better when I enlarged it. What fun! I can just imagine the splashing.

  4. I was able to see them splashing about when I enlarged the photo too. How cool is that. It must be nice to have that expanse of water at the edge of your property, the wildlife must love it. :)


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