Saturday, December 27, 2008

Plume Day

I have been thinking about taking some of these pictures for a few days now. I really like the structural aspects of ornamental grasses. Since most of the grasses are drought tolerant, I seem to add a few more each year. One of the recent additions is the Muhlenbergia capillaris "Pink Muhly Grass". It was planted late this summer and was struggling a bit. I got this from my friend Linda. I divided it into two clumps. One clump is just in front of the bird feeders and if it thrives it wil be spectacular in bloom with the sun behind it in the late afternoon. I had one there before and it didn't do real well-- could be the high tides or the clay fill that the rip-rap guys put in. I amended the soil and crossed my fingers. The other clump I planted next to the swingset where one of the pennisetums had been...see picture on first post. The very delicate plumes are visible against the wooden leg of the swingset.

Also in the backyard is the Pampas Grass --Cortaderia selloana. This was a donation from a neighbor. I divided it into a few pieces....two pieces are doing better than the others.

Will add some more later.

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  1. I love ornamental grasses - almost as much in the winter as in the growing months. Ours are all wheat-colored now, but I like how they move in the wind. And the plumage is too cool.
    I especially like your second picture!


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