Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Greetings to all and a very Happy New Year to you. Today started off as any other day....shower, then walk the dogs, then throw the ball for Skyler in the backyard. Unfortunately the ball went into the creek this morning. Unfortunately Skyler went in after it. Fortunately the tide was in. He had to get hosed off. Unfortunately while I was getting the hose turned on and ready for him, the mailman came up the street. Since he hands out dog cookies all three of the dogs ran to greet him. The mailman got wet. Here is a picture of Skyler earlier this year when the water was really really in no water at all....this is the creek!!! He was chest deep and kind of stuck.

It took a long time with the hose to clean him off enough to bring him into the bathtub for a full fledged shampoo. What a mess.

Newton is my resident bunny chaser...though he really just hops through the garden looking for the bunnies. He has no respect for any of my gardens. Newton is supposed to be part Australian Shepherd hence the name Newton. Newtie is 6 years old, a year older than Skyler. Here he is in the "L** Memorial Butt Garden". (We dug this garden by hand and took 9 truck loads of roots to the dump. It was supposed to be heart or kidney shaped. By the time we were done with it, we felt we had worked our butts off, so now it is so aptly named.)

Here is the "Butt Garden" last May with a high tide. I will add new photos of all the gardens as they begin to sprout and bloom. Thank goodness for Rugosa Roses that don't mind salt water occasionally.

Last, but not least, is my old girl Monroe. She just likes to be in the sun. She is our pound puppy and it now a month shy of 15 years old. She is part Chow and part shepherd of some kind.


  1. I love your dog shots. I lived next to a marsh when I lived in SC. One day my old bassett Otto (God rest his soul) and I were on the dock at low tide and he saw something only he could see in the mud. He jumped off the dock into the mud 10' below and was profoundly stuck. I had to go in after him and it took us both forever to come clean.

    I am glad to see you are blogging, and I have added you to my blog list.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Les. I haven't had to go in to rescue Skyler yet, hope not to ever have to!! That mud stinks!

  3. You are like me with all the dogs. I keep wondering what I got myself into?! What a funny name for your garden! Cute! That was a lot of roots! Anyhow, you have a splendido New Year, as for us, we are heading to bed (yup-fuddy duddies).

  4. Ha roo, fur-cousins!
    Play bows,
    PS: Our mom would seriously freak if we got that muddy. Seriously.

  5. Janet -- your dogs are beautiful!

    I used to have an Australian Shepherd, Indigo. He was the sweetest dog. I lived on a farm back then and raised horses. Indy was a pal to my cat, Theodore. The two would walk the long path from the house to the barn. Indy always walked faster, then stopped to wait for Theo, all the way to the barn. They were quite the odd couple!


  6. Oh -- forgot to say that I'm now owned by a wonderful, sweet greyhound. Charm (registered name is Won By Her Wits) is my constant companion. I call her the gardening greyhound!


  7. Thanks Cameron, they sure are good company. I have never had a dog quite like Skyler. He is a pistol! He is sort of a Dennis the Menace and Pigpen rolled into one. When he is on the opposite side of the door and looks at you it reminds me of an ostrich looking at you. He just has personality to spare.


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