Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday's Visitors

Our garden is a bird haven.  There is always someone out there----

This is a Redheaded Woodpecker-

 Bright colors abound--
and of course a Male Bluebird
Do you have lots of color in your garden?
words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. No I don't . . . right now there is no color, no birds, no nuthin' 'cept lots of weeds. LOL Or should that be waaaaaaaaaaa. I know it's coming because the little sign on the top of my page says there are 42 days until spring. ;-) Pretty birds that you have there.

  2. Yes I do!!!!!!

    But I've never seen a woodpecker like that one. Well, in photos I have. But not here in my yard in VA. Do you know what variety it is? I love the bright red head;-)

    I'm glad you are getting lots of winter color!

  3. He's so pretty!!!! I don't think I've ever seen one in person.

  4. Janet,

    Wow so exciting. You must have standing dead trees in the lake nearby or something. Did it go to the feeders? I got bluebird photos today too!

  5. Oh lucky you!! We have lots of Bluebirds here but no Red-Headed Woodpeckers. Which puzzles me because they're at Howell Woods, a Neuse River sanctuary in our county. They are beautiful birds!

  6. Hi Janet,
    The brightest color I have in the garden is a male cardinal. He and his wife have been visiting my garden for a couple of years now. I also have woodpeckers that have a bright red dash at the back of their heads and tons of bluejays add a splash of blue to my winter garden.

  7. Hi again Janet,
    The Foxi Pavement that's been in my garden for 6 years is 4', as are several of my albas. In northern climes rubra and Hansa can get a good 8' tall. So far the rubras are 4-5' and not sure how tall the Hansa will get. I have a Therese Bugnet seedling that's about 7' tall. So overall the rugosas are a medium height and I don't think they'll become the tall giants they are up north. The Baptisias are usually less than 3' after flowering.

  8. The colors in my garden now range from grey-brown to brownish-grey. I do have a hellebore bud that's thinking about opening, but it's below freezing right now and I'm not venturing out to check if it's made any progress (probably not anyway). But maybe by next month the golden crocus will be blooming!

  9. Wow, how great to see a redheaded woodpecker (AND get a good photo). I ditto Randy on thinking you've got great habitat for them around the lake with old snags, etc...

  10. Feathered colour in my garden is limited to the blue tits, robin and occasional chaffinch, none of which I am ever quick enough to capture on camera! Though I really should make more effort on the blue tits, they are, after all, nesting here...

    I love the bright flashes of colour contrasted against the winter trees, you have a wonderful garden for wildlife.

  11. Linda, thanks, you have some great scenery out there. Boy, big mountains.

    Jan, Your birds are quite colorful too!

    Tina, since movng here I see them everyday!

    Randy, We do have many dead trees in the woodlands. Think this is woodpecker heaven.

    Sweetbay, I wonder why you don't have the Redheaded Woodpecker? They are certainly red!!

    Jennifer, Cardinals are super too, I just haven't had any get close enough to photograph.

    Sweetbay, thanks!

    VW, grey-brown to brownish-grey are colors! hahahaa spring is coming!!!

    Lisa, We do have a super habitat for the woodpeckers.

    Janet, If I could photograph all the little ones who flit around, oh my! Love the activity of the birds in the trees and fields.


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