Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birds in Our Neighborhood

With the leaves off the trees, the bird watching is spectacular.  In addition to the Redheaded Woodpeckers and Bluebirds from the post last weekend, we have Downy Woodpeckers-

We went out on Tuesday to see about one of our clocks getting worked on and took a different way home.  One interesting tree (will share more later on this one) and some cool ferns (later for this as well) made the day even more fun for me.  We decided that if we saw a hawk on the way home the day would be complete.  As soon as we entered our neighborhood, lo and behold, there was a hawk up in one of the trees.  Sitting tall in a Tulip Poplar was a Redtail Hawk.   He (or She) sat there for a while.......
looking one way then the other.....


someone came to join him in the tree top.

They didn't like that I got out of the truck to take more pictures...

Sadly we drove on towards the house......rounding the bend who did we see????? Yes!!!  The pair of hawks. 

They were sitting together in another tree.  Parent and offspring?  Mates?  I have no idea, but they flew off together----

We were left to bird watch another today.
On our way out we saw the Barred Owl -- think it might be the same one, but not sure.  This is our third sighting of this type of owl.  Charlie saw him first---do you see him?

 Amazing how well they blend in.
 Say hi!!
Just a few more days until the Great Backyard Bird Count!
words and photos by Janet,The Queen of Seaford.


  1. Great bird pictures! I haven't seen any woodpeckers here for awhile. The hawks are amazing! I don't think I've ever seen two sitting together. I hope they all show up for your bird count. I'm hoping that eagle will come back for me to count too.

  2. Janet,

    Very cool! Actually seeing a barred Owl in a tree is a pretty good feat. The red-tails are a happy couple don't you think.

  3. AMAZING sitings! And what a complete day it was! I hope you had good luck getting your clock worked on. I've tried the only two clock repairs in my community and both have failed to call as promised. Geez, Customer service in the niche industry is not so great.

  4. Wonderful sightings! I believe (not sure) that hawks mate during the winter months so they may be a pair. I have been hearing our pair squawking lately so I assume we will have a nest nearby again this year. I love to watch them soaring in the sky while calling out but dont like it when I find feathers near the bird feeders....

    The Downey woodpeckers are the cutest little things. I find it difficult to ID them from the Hairy which are very similar but a bit larger....

    Owls are awesome! I saw one really close up last fall but could not snap a good picture of it. I spotted another (or the same one), a few weeks later in the woods behind our house. I hope they nest somewhere close as it would be fun to observe them….

    I am yet to find a nest of woodpeckers but keep looking for them. I know they are in holes in trees but I just cannot see them but it will be a happy day when I do spot them…

  5. Beautiful pics of beautiful birds. I have the tiny ones, also saw a red head woodpecker. Female Cardinal, wonder where her mate is. I always have them in pairs. Sadly last yr one of the pairs was just one.

  6. I often see red tailed hawks, but never a pair together.I wish I knew more about these beautiful birds. Do you know if they mate for life? What a treat to see an owl as well! I have never seen one in the wild. Have a great weekend Janet.

  7. Your photos made me smile. Just tonight on the way home from work, I saw our bald eagle sitting on a branch near its nest. The nest is easily visible along a major parkway here, and is a local landmark. I rarely see the eagle, though.

  8. The Red-Shouldered Hawks on our farm started their courtship about a month ago. Hard to miss since they're very vocal!

  9. Our love for the birds helps to keep our spirits thriving.

    Thanks for the wonderful photos.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  10. Those owls are so stoic. You are lucky to see all these majestic birds right around your house!!

    Thanks for the reminder about the GBBC. We did it last year and enjoyed it.

    Thanks also for your congrats on the arrival of little Clara :-)

  11. We have had more birds than ever before in our neighborhood, and that is saying something. There is a hawk of some kind that we see around here. So lovely when it is flying around and so majestic. However, it has made a stop or two at our feeders, and at least one time snatched a bird. I know that a hawk has to eat too, but it was very upsetting to see that happen. Now, when he is flying around, there are no birds at our feeder.

    Always Growing

  12. My favorite is the owl, of course. I am reading Harry Potter recently and can't help thinking of Hedwig!

    Awesome photos!
    Happy Valentine's day, Janet!

  13. You have had some fantastic bird sightings since moving into your new house Janet. I'm guessing the Red Tails are a pair ~ they nest this time of year here (so they must there too??)
    Of course the Barred Owl photos are incredible. I could never get tired of seeing them.
    You got some good photos of the Downy woodpecker too. I have a hard time photographing them ~ they seem pretty skittish?

  14. Catherine, I just put out more suet and new seed, hoping to get more birds for this coming bird count. Only the Mourning Doves are here.

    Randy, from all the comments I guess the Red-tails are a couple. We are thrilled to see the Barred Owl, especially sitting in the tree.

    Tina, thanks! We found a place next county over that works on antique German clocks, so one by one we are taking them over there.

    Skeeter, nice to see you back! This winter has been great for bird watching, hope it continues.

    Lola, thanks! We have some Cardinals around but they flit so fast I would be hard pressed to get a photo of one.

    Jennifer, I am learning slowly about these birds. What fun watching them.

    Swimray, glad they made you smile. :-) Bird watching is always magical.

    K & V, thanks!

    Sweetbay, So I guess this is courtship or a mating pair. Thanks.

    Sharon, thanks for coming by! I find watching the birds was great passtime.

    Ginger, Hope you are giving that little doll extra hugs! Will be interested to see what birds you get for the GBBC.

    Jan, this winter has been a wonderful time watchingthe birds. We saw a hawk trying to stand off some Black Vultures, working a carcass. yuck.

    Rosey, Owls are just so cool!

    Kathleen, feel like we live in the trees and the birds are everywhere. I am so far away from the birds I don't think the Downy would be skittish on my being there.


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