Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Sightings

Spring is bustin' out all over..... My 'almost' daughter, Kate sent me some wonderful photos from Washington, DC. The cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin and all over DC are just beautiful. This link will give you lots of info Cherry Trees.


On Tuesday my friend LL and I went to the Norfolk Botanical Garden. After Les talked about the Hofheimer Camellia Garden, we figured it was time to go and visit. We spent a lovely time walking around the gardens. The color combinations with the tulips and pansies were really striking. In one of the beds they used leaf lettuces and kale and Swiss Chard for foliage color.

There is a small building that has a green roof --full of various types of sedum, some cascading over the edge.

We really loved all the Camellias..falling in love with one after the other. The one in the center of the collage is Camellia japonica 'Agnes of the Oaks' but I can't seem to find anything about it. The red and white petals were almost tie-dyed.

I think the best plants of the day were the Viburnum carlesii 'Korean Spice Viburnum' and the Viburnum burkwoodii 'Mohawk'. Their scent was so intoxicating. This is one time I wish there was "Smell-o-vision"! Enjoy---


  1. I couldn't imagine DC without the gorgeous Cherry Trees in spring! I'm glad you made a trip over to the Botanical Gardens. I've been meaning to get over there in the spring. Those Viburnums look heavenly, wish you did have smell-o-vision on your blog, lol. :)

  2. I appreciate the shout out. I would love to go to D.C. when the cherries are blooming, but as long as I work where I do, I'll not be able to.

  3. You know it's spring when the cherry blossoms are out. What a beautiful garden to see in the spring.

  4. Simply gorgeous! I don't know what I like best, the cherry 'clouds' or the tulips underplanted with pansies. A big deal as I usually go for camelias every time but all the pictures are SO pretty. Just in time for Easter too with all those cheery colors. You have a great weekend.

  5. Racquel- I think the Cherry blossoms are so pretty. I remember when I was in high school we would go into DC to see them. Plan on going back to the Botanical Garden, holler if you want to join me. (wouldn't smell-o-vision be great?)
    Les- Big shout out for the heads up on what was blooming. It was a much needed trip. Bummer you couldn't go up to DC for a few days to see the blossoms, though you have lots of blooms to see at work.
    beckie- The Cherry Blossoms really cap off the spring don't they? The Botanical Garden is great in many seasons...we are planning on return trips through the season.
    Tina- Thanks! The pansies and the tulips were really pretty. The whole garden was incredible.
    Happy Easter to all!!

  6. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for sharing the cherry blossoms! I live down the road from them and haven't even gone to see them;-( Your 'almost' daughter took some absolutely gorgeous shots! Better than most I've seen!!

    Sarah is home, just overnight. She drove up this afternoon and will leave tomorrow. We dyed eggs and hid baskets, etc. But, it just isn't as fun anymore now that the kids are older. We keep trying to re-create that childhood feeling, but it isn't the same without little ones! (Not that I want any, just yet!).

    Happy Easter!

  7. Jan- Good morning and Happy Easter. Yes Kate took some good shots. She says there are more on her film camera. Looking forward to seeing those as well.
    Mine stayed at JMU so we are without our not so little ones. It does change as they get older. The holidays aren't the same. There is plenty of time for grandkids....later!!

  8. Beautiful! I love the sort of "weeping" looking cherry - and your last shot of the Viburnum. I can almost smell it! I can't wait for mine to bloom!!!

  9. I also have an affection for the 'Korean Spice' Viburnum. It is a gem. The tulip color schemes are really striking. You didn't mention buying any plants. Is that due to iron clad resolve or the lack of a sale area? :)

  10. It's always so wonderful to see the cherry trees on the tidal basin. The big double-flowered one in the Garden was in flower this morning (it's later than the Yoshinos).

    A lovely carpet of pink petals....

  11. AoF- Your viburnum is Juddii right? Really fragrant? Trying to decide--Viburnum carlseii, burkwoodii, or Juddii. Think the burkwoodii and Juddii are a little more heat tolerant.
    Grace- The tulips were really nice. No, we didn't buy any plants-- there were none for sale. They have a gift shop and later in May they will have a plant sale. :-(
    Lisa- I just love the cherries. Am thinking of a Prunus pendula 'Pendula Plena rosea' for the new garden...down by the water. Mobot says that subhirtella is not the same as the Prunus pendula. What's your take on it?

  12. Oh, oh, oh. Those pictures are almost too pretty!

  13. My goodness--simply stunning. I too wish we could smell them. I read Les' article and it was interesting to see all those camelias. I'm glad you mentioned Korean Spice. I knew of it but could not remember the name.

    Two years ago when I was working at a nursery, someone came in asking for it. They went on and on about the scent.

    Those cherry blossoms are outstanding. Good pictures by your adopted daughter. So pretty how they are displayed. Spring blooms again in Washington and this time the blooms didn't get nipped by cold. Those folks walking around look like it is a bit chilly though.

    I think it's the perfect weather to prolong the blooms. They seem to be lasting a long time.

  14. Janet, Absolutely stunning and I can imagine the viburnums, they smell divine! What a good idea to underplant tulips with violas and pansies! I hope you had a good weekend... gail

  15. Thanks Kim and Victoria- I especially like the Wash. DC cherry blossom pictures that Kate took.
    Anna- The fragrance was so wonderful. There were three large shrubs at a fork in the path and you felt like you were in the cloud of wonderful perfume. I can understand people coming in to a nursery and asking for it.
    Kate did a great job with the cherry trees.
    Gail- Thanks I did have a nice weekend, hope you did likewise. The tulips and viola/pansies really made a large statement using just two colors.

  16. I could have sworn I left a comment. I remember reading your post and all of the above comments. Knowing me maybe I slipped down to the next one. LOL Anyway everything is lovely. Washington DC is really springy looking with all of the flowering trees.

  17. Hi Janet, simply gorgeous! Both the cherry trees and the camellias are breathtaking, literally causing me to gasp for air! :-) Hope all is well with you.

  18. Those trees are spectacular. One of these days I'll head over to D.C. to see them in person. Great photos!

  19. RainGardener- I think some of the post commenting and some of the 'picks' were screwy over the weekend. Thanks for coming back. Wash DC is all decked out!
    Frances- Thanks for visiting, yes, all is well. Getting ready for our trip to SC next week! Thanks for stopping by and asking.
    Dave- You should go and see them, the impact of so many is really incredible.


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