Friday, May 29, 2009

Field Trip with Racquel

So today started out with a nice adventure with Racquel from Perennial Gardener. After finding out that Les was not at work today we quickly regrouped and decided on going to Brent and Becky's in Gloucester, Virginia. As we drove up, the sign said closed.
OH MAN!! I thought we missed out here too. Have no fear, we were early, they were just opening. We explored the grounds, the shop, the greenhouse and their planting beds....lots of interesting plant material.
The lilies were just gorgeous.

Here is an interesting flower very white and spidery.......

Hymenocallis - harrisiana
Perhaps the most bizarre flower is the Dracunculus vulgaris. If you need a focal plant, this could the one for you.

Here is a beauty, almost looks like the inside of the petals are peacock feathers.
From Collages

Click on the photo and you can read the plant label- Calochortus.

I am a fan of Alliums, there were plenty to see today!

From Collages

After some purchases we went out to the parking lot and my car didn't start. Yes, this is the same car that didn't start back on May 15th. Since we got home on the 15th it has been fine---until today. A kind young man who works at Brent and Becky's jumped the car and we were on our way. Pressing my luck, we stopped at another nursery on our way home. Racquel got some more plants and I found some sweet potatoes and beets at their produce stand. And guess what happened next??? Right! A nice young man jumped the car and we were on our way.

We live across the York River from our shopping mecca. The Coleman Bridge is a swing bridge to allow ship traffic to and from Yorktown. Again, as luck would have was open!! I worried about the car stalling as we waited. We did make it home and we off loaded plants while I left the car running and we parted ways, promising to make another road trip soon. My car is up at the shop and it isn't the battery, it is the alternator.

Here are my goodies from today.

A tiny caladium, Eucomis - Sparkling Burgundy, and a replacement for my dead Carex phyllocephala 'Sparkler'. Now to figure out where to put them. Good dilemma!


  1. That's always a nice dilemma to have huh? lol I got mine in the ground already. ;) So it was the alternator, that's too bad. I was hoping it was something simple like that corrosion. It was a fun field trip, look forward to the next one when we can go bother, I mean meet Les. lol :) Thanks for inviting me!!

  2. A nice day for you and the rest... Good to see blooms all over!.. We are going for a 6 hr drive today to Gerik, the northern end of Malaysia for my nephew wedding. There will surely be a lot of greens and blooms along the way.

    Have a nice weekend!
    ~ bangchik

  3. Dropping by to say hello and enjoy the trove of photos. Love that white spidery day lily!

  4. Car trouble is a bitch. I had a week of it recently and the best minds at the dealership could not figure out why is would not start every so often leaving me stranded. $1000 dollars later and a relay switch and I am good to go. We hope to drive it to Colorado this summer. I hope the gods smile.

    I look forward to you and Racquel coming for a visit and am glad you decided to wait until I was working.

  5. I really have to find a way to join you guys one of these times! You're having way too much fun;-)

  6. Hi Racquel, it is a nice dilemma. I had a good time getting to know you better. We will do our next trip soon.
    bangchik, I hope you take pictures on the way to and from the wedding!! (and of course at the wedding as well) Enjoy and hearty congratulations to the bride and groom.
    Alice Joyce, thanks for stopping by! I like that spidery lily too! :-)
    Les, yeah car trouble sucks. I am glad they were able to figure it out. We will let you know when we are coming down.
    Jan, You should come and join us! It is fun.

  7. What fun! A road trip between two bloggers to shop for plants. Oh yes, most fun! So sorry about your car trouble. Grrrr! Racquel never mentioned it on her blog-kind of makes for the day to be even more interesting to share that experience, no matter how frustrating.

  8. I love those lilies!! I'm a nut for pink flowers anyway but that combination is something.

  9. Sounds like you two had a great time in spite of car problems. Great flowers ya got. Sorry I haven't been around - still battling this crud and sort of going backwards it seems!

  10. Morning Tina- is was a fun day, just cut short because of the car. There are more places to explore-- it was nice meeting face to face.
    Grace- The photo doesn't do it justice, the stand of lilies were great together-- super mix.
    RainGardener- I need to plant my flowers now!
    Sorry that you are still battling some crud...there were folks around here with 'the crud' for quite a long time.

  11. Looks like you had a great time. Most of these plants would only be annuals for my northern garden. but I enjoyed seeing them in your travels.

  12. Hi jodi, some of these are annuals for us as well. The caladiums will have to be dug up and put in the garage over the winter. The Sparkling Burgundy is tender perennial here. Crossing my fingers on the Carex.

  13. From both blogs, it sounds (and looks) like a great time was had by both. You also have some great plant finds. I love to browse the B&B catalogs, but have never been up there.


  14. Good morning Cameron, it was a nice time, cut a bit short as I needed to get the car up to the shop. We did find some nice plants. Brent and Becky's is a nice place to visit-- though as with our own gardens, some times of year are better than others to see blooms.

  15. It sounds like a lovely day to me (in spite of the car troubles).



  16. yes Lisa it was a nice time. (now the car is fixed-- so no more worries about needing a jump!)

  17. Glad your car has been repaired as I am eagerly awaiting your next Road Trip! You two did well to only come home with a hand full of goodies. I wonder if I could have been restrained as you two were able to do? Such fun you had :-)

  18. Skeeter, we will keep you posted as to the next road trip. Lots of fun.


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